(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Xiaomei is from Yushu, Jilin Province. In the autumn of 2006, swelling on both sides of Xiaomei's neck developed and grew bigger and bigger. Her head and neck hurt. Her family collected money from every family member and took her to the hospital. Medical experts all agreed that she had aneurysms.

According to the experts, there was little hope for her recovery. Even after surgery, she would likely be disabled, and she would need to travel to Tiantai Hospital in Beijing for surgery. The surgery alone would cost nearly 100,000 yuan.

This news hit her family like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky. Her family consists of elderly people and young children. Her son had not married yet and was in a poor financial situation. She lay in bed, turning back and forth. She lost weight and felt almost hopeless. Her family planned to gather the money for her surgery. Her sisters wept, stayed with her so that she could rest, and took pictures with her to be keepsakes if she died.

In pain, Xiaomei thought, "The family finances are not good. Even if the family could gather the money for me to have surgery, there is no guarantee that I will regain my health. Only one thing can save me, and that is Falun Dafa!" Xiaomei previously practiced Falun Gong, but after July 20, 1999, when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute Falun Gong, she gave up cultivation under pressure. Xiaomei said to her sisters, "Don't cry. I am a Falun Dafa disciple, and Master is protecting me." She decided studying the Fa and doing the exercises again.

After she got home, her mother-in-law and the other family members who used to hinder her practice looked at the big swellings on her neck and realized that they had no way to help her. Her mother-in-law cried and said, "If you could be healed, I will agree to whatever you do. I will practice with you if you will be healthy again."

So Xiaomei again walked into Dafa cultivation. She now studies the Fa and does the exercises every day and lives by "Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance." Gradually, the lumps on her neck disappeared and her health became better and better. She was able to do everything in and outside the house in the summer of 2007.

After seeing the changes in Xiaomei, her friends and her relatives admire Dafa's gifts. Many of them no longer believe the CCP's lies and have started to support Dafa.

Dafa Lets Me Regain My Life

By a practitioner from Chifeng, Neimenggu

I am a veteran practitioner who began Falun Dafa cultivation in 1996. Before I started cultivating, I had liver, kidney and stomach diseases, all very serious. I had to spend over 10,000 yuan for hospital care and medicine every year. My family had a history of genetic liver disease. My elder brother died from cirrhosis at the age of 46. My younger brother also died from cirrhosis at the age of 42. I was 51 years old and I had very serious cirrhosis.

After I obtained the Fa, on the first day of practicing the second exercise, I saw Master sitting in the sky. On the fourth day, the doctor asked me to come in for a check up. A fellow practitioner told me, "You don't have to go. If you study the Fa and do the exercises every day, your illness will be healed." I was a little doubtful and insisted on going to the hospital to be examined. After I got to the hospital, I drank four cups of water and then used the bathroom. I drank another four cups of water and then used the bathroom again. My stomach was empty. There was debris and bloody pus in my stool. I never went back to the hospital because I knew that Master had cleaned my body. Since then, 11 years have passed, and I have not taken a single pill. My body is so light and I walk easily as if pushed by the wind, and I never feel tired while doing physical work.