(Clearwisdom.net) Several fellow practitioners have complained about their daughters, who as they grow up, date boys, navigate the Internet at the Internet cafés, and do many other worldly things. It's quite worrisome to the practitioners. And the worst of it is that their daughters won't listen to their advice. They don't know what to do. I asked them whether they ever read Zhuan Falun with their children. The answer was "No." Some of the children were still babies when their parents began cultivating Dafa. Some were so small that their parents had to carry them when they first started cultivating. Even so, they didn't have their children listen to Zhuan Falun or Master's lectures even once. They raised their children just as everyday people bring up their children. Because of this, their children get angry easily and their demon nature is strong. This causes great difficulties and interference for the parents. Now the children are getting older and it is even more difficult to educate them. Maybe this is our retribution for not doing well.

Our children have put their boundless hope in Dafa and Dafa practitioners. They risked their lives and arranged to reincarnate as our children. If we don't bring Dafa to them, we have failed our duty. If they feel there is no hope of attaining the Fa, perhaps they will feel hopeless and their evil natures will emerge.

My brother-in-law's child was born after 1999. When she first learned how to walk, I taught her to kneel down and bow to Master, telling her to call him "Master." Sometimes I burned incense to pay homage to Master in front of her. I taught her to read Hong Yin (a collection of Master Li's poems), read the Fa to her, and did other Dafa activities with her. Her grandparents, both practitioners, also brought Dafa to her. Of course, if the child's parents are not practitioners, we should try our best to teach the children when they are with us.

Because of the persecution we could not see each other as often as before, but amazingly this little girl always asked for me, wanted to talk to me when they called, and wanted to see me. Sometimes she came to my apartment. Every time she saw me, she ran to me the minute she saw me, totally forgetting her grandparents. Everyone in her family thought this to be strange, wondering what kind of predestined relationship we had. I know Dafa has planted seeds in her mind. Maybe her clear-headed side knows that she will get to know more about Dafa from me.

We've promised that every time we get together we will read one lecture in Zhuan Falun. Then we read a story. After that we play. And she keeps our promises. So, I stop whatever I'm involved in and spend time reading the Fa to her. I also read her stories in "Minghui Weekly" and Zhengjian Weekly. After that I teach her math, simple calculations, and play. Slowly the miracle of Dafa has become more and more real in her heart. Whenever miracles manifests in front of danger, she immediately says, "It's Dafa! It's Master who did this!"

I never treat her as a child. I treat her as an adult or fellow practitioner and share experiences with her. I never scold her when she does something wrong, instead I only tell her how to do it correctly. As time has gone by, I feel that she has matured and is elevating in cultivation levels.

One clear summer night, I held her in my arms and told her how to eliminate interference from those who don't cultivate, eliminate temptations from relatives who do not cultivate, and to judge right from wrong using the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." I taught her to understand that she is one of the few who cultivate the most precious practice and she should not be troubled by the laughter of people who do not believe in divinity or cultivation. I told her the story of a cultivator from ancient times. The story goes, "Before this cultivator reached consummation, his mother was used by a demon. She called his name several times, asking him to take a look at her then left. This cultivator listened to his mother and fell. The demon laughed and said, 'I followed you for six lifetimes. In the end, you couldn't reach consummation.'"

I recommend that the reader of this article base such examples on a given situation. The purpose is to prevent the child's moral level from sliding down. I taught her what is right at a given time and that she should protect her righteous belief in Dafa and cultivate steadfastly and strongly. I also helped her understand the cultivation of speech so as to avoid unnecessary interference and hurt.

To my surprise she seemed to understand everything I said. So I continued communicating with her based on her ability to understand. She blinked her big black eyes, nodding from time to time as if she was thinking how to put my words into practice. She took a brand new Zhuan Falun from me and put the book right beside her pillow. She read several paragraphs before bed every night.

She told me that she always recites in her mind "Falun Dafa is good." In the past, she got sick every year and needed to take medicine, but now she no longer needs to take medicine. I told her this is the miracle of Dafa. She also understands how to protect her friends who pick up Falun Dafa truth clarifying materials. Once her family members locked the door from the inside. The door could not be opened and they thought that there must have been a thief inside the apartment. Later she whispered into her grandfather's ear, "I was reciting 'The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated.'"

Another time she was studying the Fa until noon, until it was time to send righteous thoughts. Right after she put the book down, she suddenly said that she saw a round black thing come in from outside and hide under the bed. I told her that Dafa practitioners all over the world sending righteous thoughts is just like Sun Wukong using his divine power to eliminate all the bad things. That's why it runs here and there. We cannot let it stay here, either. She nodded.

Suddenly it became dark, and there was a strong wind. I looked at her and said, "See? It tries to intimidate us and then run away. What do you think we should do?" She stared at me. I then said that we should destroy this thing completely and the sun will come out after that. Slowly she nodded her head. Right after we sat down with our legs folded and our hands in the "jieyin" position and started to clean up our own space, rain drops as big as beans came in through the window. Because she sat on the bed right beside the window, half of her leg was drenched. But she didn't move. Instead, she sat in the full lotus position with her back straight. When I started reciting the verses, the storm increased in intensity. The sounds were terrible. I didn't sit very near her but she sat with her back straight and her hand upright. She had no fear. At this moment she did not act like a child, yet she was just of kindergarten age. We sent righteous thoughts for more than half an hour, not knowing when it finally become clear outside and the sun appeared again in the sky. It then seemed as if nothing had happened. We really did it. The sun came out.

I pointed at the water that had been blown into the room by the strong wind and explained to her that the evil had tried to interfere with our sending righteous thoughts. I tried to make her understand that the lives that we cannot see really exist. Sometimes, to help her understand, I explain things in great detail and I get very tired. But my sense of being responsible for sentient beings tell me not to give up.

Now she is a grade one student in primary school. She does not talk much and is different from other children. Some days ago she asked to come to my place and stay for several days. After that she went to school. I knew that it was time for her to study the Fa again, so I went to pick her up. Now I only need to study the Fa with her for a while at the beginning. Whenever I have other things to do, I ask her to wait for a little while. Then she studies the Fa by herself. Once she even read three lectures in Zhuan Falun.

Sometimes I think about how it has been more than ten years since Dafa appeared in this world. If we had educated and helped our children attain the Fa, helped them cultivate and melt into the Fa, these children would be teenagers now and would form a pure righteous power, helping sentient beings attain salvation. To write on a white piece of paper is much easier than to write on a dirty piece of paper. The new generation who has learned Dafa's principles will form a righteous field. Isn't this like, "Puts a stop to its downward slide" ("Illuminating All" from Hong Yin II)? Such righteous force cannot be stopped. It can also help to stabilize the form in which Dafa exists in this human world.

Do not underestimate these children! One fellow practitioner has a grandson who is very good when he listens to the Fa with her. But, he behaved very badly after only one week with his mother, who does not cultivate. He made everything very dirty, urinated everywhere, and did not listen. When I saw him, I looked into his eyes, talking to him like he was an adult, "I don't think what you are doing is a good thing. It's not hygienic. Your grandmother has to clean up after you. It's too tiring for her. She is old and has too much work already. What do you think? Besides, other people will not be happy to see what you do. Right? You should go to the bathroom or let us know and we will take you." To our surprise, this little boy, who had just started walking, raised his head and looked at me with his big eyes. He stared at my eyes as if he was thinking and nodded his head. About one or two weeks later, we met again. His grandmother happily told me that he could now use the bathroom by himself.

Another fellow practitioner helped her relative to take care of twins. One of them is very naughty and has temper tantrums. I asked her, "Do you read Zhuan Falun or Master's lectures with her?" The answer was "No." Because she worked and needed to take care of children, she didn't study the Fa diligently. She regarded taking care of kids as something that everyday people do, and a burden. A few days after we studied the Fa and shared our understanding, she began to play Master's lectures for the twins. The twins changed. She shared her experience with us. I witnessed the magic and power of Dafa. As long as we have the Fa in our hearts, the power of Dafa will truly be manifested.

Only Dafa can truly and fundamentally correct the wrong states in sentient beings. Only Dafa brings no harm and benefits all of humankind. Only Dafa is truly for the good of sentient beings. We need to cherish Master's mercy and do very well the three things that practitioners should do, so that we can save sentient beings on a large scale.