(Clearwisdom.net) I am one of the many practitioners who was illegally arrested by local police early on the morning of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Just after midnight I noticed that someone was breaking into the front door of my home. Realizing they were evildoing police officers, I hurried to a fellow practitioner's home. However, the police were arresting the fellow practitioner. They discovered me and took both of us to the Special Police Unit, where they placed all of the adhesive stickers (that expose local persecution incidents and the three-withdrawals) that I was carrying on a table. My thought at the time was for them to all come and learn the truth, so everyone who came in was reading the stickers. Some read the stickers, then left without saying anything. Some asked me about things they still did not understand. So, I told them more about Falun Gong and then I sent righteous thoughts.

The next day I sent a thought: I have to get out. I cannot let them persecute me anymore (this was the seventh time). Otherwise, how can I clarify the truth about Dafa and save sentient beings? I then sent forth righteous thoughts. Several State Security Team police officers arrived, and they looked at me and left without saying anything. At noon the guard asked me if I wanted something to eat. I thanked him but declined. I explained the three withdrawals to him. He was very understanding since he had also been a victim of the Party's persecution in the past. He told me my situation is serious. "Even the bureau director came to see you." Very complicated thoughts came to my mind along the lines of what he said. Would they use the stickers they had found as evidence to persecute me? I then realized that this thought was wrong. These stickers are for exposing the facts, for exposing evildoers and for saving sentient beings, and should not be used as evidence to persecute me. I sent forth righteous thoughts. In the process, a police officer said that I was practicing the exercises and attempted to stop me from sending forth righteous thoughts, but I did not give in. Later my hand was getting stiff, so I lowered my hand but continued to send forth righteous thoughts. After a while I turned around and saw a lone policeman sleeping. I realized it was time for me to go. After I got out of the gate I noticed not a single person in the Special Police Unit. Even the guards had disappeared.

I am writing about this experience not to validate myself, but to state that I was persecuted because I had loopholes. In theses incidences, many fellow practitioners were arrested and persecuted, and a materials production site was destroyed. There have been many losses, and there are lessons to be learned. However, I think that no matter how many computers, printers and how much literature were taken from practitioner's homes, they cannot serve as evidence for the evil to persecute Dafa practitioners. These pieces of equipment are divine implements for Dafa practitioners to save sentient beings.

If we have faith in Master and Dafa, bear righteous thoughts and conduct ourselves righteously, and eliminate human emotions and other attachments, how dare the evil persecute us? They will dissolve in no time. Therefore, we need to genuinely look within ourselves regarding every thought, especially in an evil environment. Any thoughts that do not conform to Dafa must be thoroughly eliminated and totally negated.

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