(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Fei Zhangjin, a Falun Dafa practitioner in his 40's, was sentenced to three years in jail for his belief. He was sent to Suzhou Prison in Anhui Province in September 2005. The prison sent him to a brainwashing center and forced him to go through brainwashing sessions. The police ordered Wu Li (a resident of Feixi, Anhui, and a collaborator) and several others to beat Mr. Fei using wooden sticks. For over 20 days, the sounds of wood hitting flesh could be heard from very far away. In October 2005, officer Tang Chuanyou and others used high voltage batons to hit Mr. Fei for several days.

Later, the police transferred Mr. Fei to the No.1 Prison Unit (previously the 8th Division) and continued to torture him. Guards ordered criminal inmates Chen Guoxin, Wang Jiulin, etc. to torture Mr. Fei using various methods, such as force-feeding hot food down his throat and stabbing his lips with needles.

Because Mr. Fei Zhangjin would not give up his belief, he was cruelly tortured by the guards time and time again, until he became very weak. He was taken to the inmate clinic on September 23, 2007, at 10:30 a.m. He died at 11:30 a.m.

An eyewitness saw Mr. Fei's body placed in an ambulance. The body had turned blue. There were several accounts of the cause of death. One said that he died after receiving intravenous fluids given by the clinic; another said that the guards ordered inmates Wang Tong, Han Mingqing, and Ding to force-feed Mr. Fei, causing his death. The policemen maintained that Mr. Fei died of a heart attack.

The counselor of the No.1 Prison Unit is Lei Bo and the head of the prison is Wang Huaiqiang. Wang Tong was a convicted murderer from Wuhu, Anhui Province, serving a long sentence. Han Mingqing used to be the head of Bongyang Police Squad but was sentenced to 11 years due to corruption and the mishandling of over 13 million yuan. Ding, who used to be a doctor in the Bongyang District Health Department, was convicted of corruption. Currently, these three people are in charge of force-feeding practitioners in Suzhou Prison. Of the three, Wang Tong is the worst.

Practitioners who do not give up their belief are cruelly tortured. Mr. Ji Guangjie and Sun Fangxi are now on the brink of death due to torture. Mr. Ji Guangjie, a resident of Hefei City, is now detained in the No.1 Prison Unit. His high blood pressure is 270/210. Mr. Ji was illegally detained on July 19, 2003, and sentenced to a seven-year prison term. He was transferred to Suzhou Prison from Baihu Prison in Anhui Province in November 2004. Mr. Sun Fangxi was transferred to Suzhou Prison from Baihu Prison in March 2007 and has since been held in an intensive control unit. He is on a hunger strike and his life is in grave danger. The guards took out his front teeth to force-feed him. Mr. Sun was an engineer for the Anhui Broadcasting, Film and Television Bureau. He was near death in January 2001 in Nanhu Forced Labor Camp, where he was cruelly tortured.

The following are several other cases: Practitioner Sheng Xuean was falsely detained at the No. 4 Prison Unit. He was hung by his handcuffs out a window for three to four months. His entire body is now bloated. Practitioner Wang Manyi was also detained at the No.4 Prison Unit. Because he was reciting Zhuan Falun, the policemen thrust an electric baton into his mouth and electrified him. The inside of his mouth was badly burned and he was not able to eat solid food for over a month. He could only drink liquefied food. Practitioner Wang Yu was detained in the No.6 Unit. Since he refused to give up his belief, he has been locked up in the Intensive Control Unit for months. Practitioner Fang Yingzhou was detained in the No.1 Prison Unit. He was in the Intensive Control Unit for over five months. He went on a hunger strike and was force-fed by inmate Zhang Jun (who had no medical knowledge at all). His teeth were knocked out, and his lips and tongue stabbed through with needles. The inmate also stabbed all of his fingers with needles. One of the needles broke and stayed in his finger. The inmate cut open the flesh (without any anesthetics) in order to take out the broken needle. Practitioner Wang Hongrong from the Hefei Forklift Factory was tortured by guards and paralyzed in his lower limbs. He was released in April 2007 when he was almost dead. He died within two months. In all these cases, when the criminal inmates tortured the practitioners, they were all under instructions from the guards and with guards present.

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