(Clearwisdom.net) Guards at the Hunan Province Women's Prison have been subjecting Falun Gong practitioners to barbaric treatment. Practitioners have been forced to perform hard labor. Those who adhere to their belief have been subjected to cruel torture. Some cases are presented below.

Chen Xiaoling, a disabled practitioner from Ningyuan County, Yongzhou City, who cannot take care of herself, is forced to stand every night for refusing to give in to the brainwashing and "reform." The ongoing abuse has weakened her. When she fainted from standing, she was beaten and roused and forced to continue standing. The blood-filled blisters on her feet have putrefied. Covered with blood, she was forbidden to wash. She has been tortured beyond recognition, but is still being persecuted. (See also: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2006/2/11/69847.html )

Liu Tuxiu is a practitioner from Xintian County, Yongzhou City. The guards searched her and found some of Master's articles. They instructed Liu Qin and other inmates to slander Falun Gong and Master during so-called "education" and "study sessions" and held frequent "criticizing and denunciation" meetings to jeer and sneer at Ms. Liu. Ms. Liu has suffered from low blood supply and breathing difficulties due to inadequate blood circulation. She is now home due to ill health.

Yin Hong, a young practitioner from Changde City, lost her hearing in the detention center and labor camp and has neuropathy. She has palsy in both hands and cannot even hold a book steady. The guards still use violence to try to "reform" her. She has been forced to peel broad beans or piece together bamboo strips to make bed-mats from 6:30 a.m. to midnight. If the assigned task is not completed, guard Li Lin yells at her, "This is a forced labor facility, not a sanatorium." Ms. Yin is still being subjected to inhumane treatment.

Zhang Lingge, a practitioner from Changsha City, recognized that letting herself be "reformed" was a mistake and publicly declared that she was resuming cultivation. She was taken to the so-called "Attacking the Fortified Class," where abusers subjected her to mental torment and physical torture, including "Single Foot Stool," forced standing, electric baton shocks, and being handcuffed behind her back. She sometimes falls into a stupor and is unable to lift her hands or perform physical work. However, the guards still force her to work harder than a healthy person.

Song Dezi, a practitioner from Changde City, and Xie Shuihua from Guiyang City have suffered from severe mental impairment due to the persecution.

There are many more similar cases.

Inmate Liu Qin can teach the guards how to slander Falun Gong, so they urge her to commit criminal acts. Other inmates are made to wash Liu's clothes, pants, shoes, and socks. Whoever disobeys her is tortured with "nailed boards" right in front of the guards. As long as someone expends intense effort to persecute practitioners, that individual is put in an important position and receives rewards and a reduction in her prison term. This is what the Party calls a "Civilized Prison" and "Humane Management."