(Clearwisdom.net) Before practicing Falun Gong, my husband and I could not get along. We often had conflicts, and it was hard to keep our family together. During that time I became acquainted with a certain man. Shortly after we met, he started to pursue me. Bound by tradition, I believe "There are spiritual beings three feet above one's head," and people should not do things against their conscience, so I did not agree to his inappropriate requests.

Only after I became a practitioner did I come to realize how dangerous and dirty was the path that I was following. Although I slowly distanced myself from him, my attachment to desire and lust was not eliminated. Teacher said in Zhuan Falun:

"Desires, lust, and things of these sorts are all human attachments, and all of them should be given up."

"From a high-level perspective, everyday people are playing with mud while in society without realizing that it is dirty. They are playing with mud on earth."

For a while, I frequently used a computer at work. Whenever I started the computer, there were many websites showing semi-naked people luring you to browse pornographic pictures that provoked one's desires. Sometimes I could not resist the temptation and clicked on them, but no matter how much or how little I looked, I always had a headache. I knew it must be that a demon was taking advantage of my attachment, my loopholes, and was constantly strengthening this dirty attachment. I was a new practitioner, other practitioners had already cultivated more than 10 years, what should I do? I could not even get rid of the attachments of desire and lust, the one that should be eliminated first. I was so worried that I cried.

How could I eliminate the attachments of lust and desire? How could I remove those bad, unrighteous thoughts from my mind? I started to memorize the Fa. During the process, whenever I recited the paragraph about lust and desire, I cried. I knew that as long as we have strong righteous thoughts, Teacher would help us to remove those bad things. I pay attention to my every thought. As long as I have any thoughts about desire or lust, I recite the word "mie" (eliminate) constantly in my mind. During the first five minutes before sending forth righteous thoughts to clear our own dimensional field, I often add the thought to eliminate the demons of lust and desire that interfere with my cultivation. Slowly, I found that I was changing. I became more and more clean in this respect. I was able to control myself when encountering interference, and I was truly unmoved.

When I was awake no one could move my heart, but the test also came in dreams. One night I had a dream that a group of us went out for a picnic in a suburban area. One young man was very handsome. I sat down beside the bank of the river and he sat down besides me and said, "Nobody is here, give me a chance." I immediately stood up and with one look at him, I said, "Don't you know who I am? I am a cultivator." Then I left without looking back. I woke up from the dream. I was happy because I felt that I was able to control my heart.

But I had a similar dream about two weeks later. I was able to remember Teacher's Fa: "Tests reveal what is true." ("Hongyin") I knew as long as we have strong righteous thoughts, Teacher would help us in every regard and help to remove those bad factors. It is truly "When Disciples Have Sufficient Righteous Thoughts, Master Has the Almighty Power to Turn the Cosmos Around." (Hongyin II)

After a few months, I no longer had such dreams. Ordinary people's society is like a big dye vat. The TV, Internet, and advertisements often have pornographic content. Even if I accidentally come upon them, I no longer have any improper thoughts, Instead I feel that I am very tall and pure.

Several days ago I watched the video "Fa-Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners." I had to keep my tears from falling the entire time. Teacher's unbounded benevolence has already melted away all my human attachments. In the lecture, a practitioner mentioned that some practitioners still commit mistakes in their relations between men and women. I felt really sad. At this final period, make sure you do not miss this most precious opportunity in all of eternity just because of your one-time attachment.