(Clearwisdom.net) I was shocked with electric batons five or six years ago and could not walk afterwards, and I was then detained in a small, dark, solitary room with a fellow practitioner who was persecuted to the point of developing tuberculosis. Every day we only saw the person who left food for us. That person wore a big mask and protective gloves to keep from catching anything. He said nothing, put the meals down on the other side of the room, and went away. It was as if the guards were just waiting for us to die.

We survived by believing in Master and Dafa, and encouraging each other. Later we realized that we should not die here, that we must get out alive and expose the evil. With Master's help, my mother went to the forced labor camp to ask for my release, and other family members resisted the persecution too. Finally I was carried back home. By that time I could not even take care of myself.

After getting back home, I persisted in studying the Fa and doing the exercises. Every day I dragged myself to the window on disabled legs in order to clarify the truth to passing street vendors. I asked them to send the things I wanted to buy upstairs. They would often ask what was wrong with my legs. I would tell them, "It is the people in the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) who persecuted me to this state. It is Falun Dafa that saved my life, again and again." Thus, one by one they understood the truth, and I also got better day by day.

After one month, I could stand up with the support of a wall, and I was slowly able to move around. Three months later, I was able to go downstairs with the help of crutches. I insisted on clarifying the truth about Falun Gong near my home. The police monitored me all the time. I thought, "Don't even think about persecuting my fellow practitioners through me." So every time fellow practitioners wanted to see me, I told them not to come, and that with Master by my side I would have no problems--they had no need to worry about me. If I met fellow practitioners outside, I never said hello to them. Sometimes they misunderstood me and thought I was afraid, but I was trying to protect them.

Once when I was clarifying the truth, I knew that somebody had reported me to the police, but I did not leave the area. On one hand I still had difficulty walking, but more importantly, I wanted to clarify the truth to the people who were going to come. When a policeman came, I told him my story. He was moved to tears and urged me to sue those who were responsible. He ended up taking me home in his car.

I once clarified the truth to a deaf person who couldn't talk, who later told all of his friends. While continuing to clarify the truth to others, my health gradually improved. Six months later, I no longer needed crutches. Now, five or six years have passed, and I continue to clarify the truth to people every day.

I hope to tell my story to fellow practitioners who are constantly monitored and persecuted severely. Do not worry that fellow practitioners may not understand you; do not worry that fellow practitioners may think you are afraid. Only if you believe in Master and Dafa, put your heart into Dafa, and maintain compassion and righteous thoughts, can you blaze your own path, get rid of your attachments, and save sentient beings in an upright way. Harmonizing what Master wants is walking the path to godhood, and miracles will happen.