(Clearwisdom.net) Since I began practicing Falun Dafa two years ago, my 74-year-old mother has been focusing on me. Having personally witnessed the great physical and mental changes in me, she always shows the greatest respect and gratitude toward Dafa. I always hoped that my mother would practice Dafa. A few months ago, she began to learn the exercises and read Zhuan Falun.

A few days ago, my mother told me about a miraculous thing that had happened to her in her hometown, an ancient town which has the tradition of the "Running of the Bulls" festival. In this festival, contestants and dozens of strong fighting bulls run through the narrow streets of the town. Those who dare to participate in the event are generally strong and fit young men. Otherwise, the contestants would be trampled or gored by the bulls if the bulls were to catch up with them. Even if they are not killed, they would be seriously wounded. Those who can outrun the bulls or who can quickly evade the attacks of the bulls, are viewed as very brave. Spectators applaud and cheer for the contestants from safe areas behind fences on both sides of the street.

Whenever the "Running of the Bulls" is approaching, the town is particularly crowded. In past festivals, my parents used to get together with their neighbors, relatives and friends to watch the event together. After starting her cultivation practice, my mother cares little about such things. But she had to go to watch at the request of my father, neighbors and friends. According to my mother's memory, while they were standing and watching from behind the safety fence, a strong fighting bull suddenly rushed towards them. The fighting bull was so strong and aggressive that it knocked down the fence all of a sudden and my mother was thrown to the ground by a very strong force. At this moment, the bull again rushed straight toward her. The situation was critical because a fighting bull generally never gives up its attack until it gores its victim. My father was too terrified to know what to do. The only thing he could do was to forcefully shake the fence which had collapsed so as to divert the attention of the bull. But the bull had already reached my mother.

Afterwards my mother recalled that she had felt the bull's bellowing in her ears at that time. Just at this critical moment, she thought of nothing else but this sentence: "FALUN DAFA AYUDA ME (FALUN DAFA HELP ME)!" Immediately a miracle happened. The fighting bull suddenly stopped about 10 centimeters away from her. Usually, in such a situation, the bull never gives up any chance of attacking. But this time it suddenly turned around and ran off in the opposite direction.

My father and the bystanders were stupefied by this miracle. After rising from the ground, my mother found no wounds on her body. She said she was very calm without any fear at that time. When she told me about this experience, she repeatedly said, "I know it is Falun Dafa that helped me! Falun Dafa is great and miraculous!" Ever since then, my father and several relatives and friends have also begun to pay attention to the miraculous Falun Dafa.

Now my mother seriously studies the Fa and does the exercises every day. Whenever she goes out, she always takes some Chinese truth-clarification materials in her bag. When she meets Chinese people, she gives them materials and tells them, "Falun Dafa is good."