(Clearwisdom.net) Two years ago my friend went to Beijing and bought a laptop. He was very excited. As soon as he settled down in his hotel room, he opened the laptop and chatted online.

After the initial greeting, my friend asked the person at the other end: "What would you like to talk about today?"

The other party said: "Anything."

My friend said: "In today's society too many things are false. How about we take "Truth" as today's topic?"

The other party replied: "Good topic. You go ahead first."

At this moment a cyber police interfered and threatened them: "I warn you. You have used an illegal word."

My friend knew that the CCP is frightened to death by the three words "Truth," "Compassion," and "Tolerance." The illegal word the cyber police referred to was "Truth."

My friend didn't pay heed to the warning and he continued, "As human beings, we should speak the truth, do things honestly and be good people..."

He barely finished his sentence when the cyber police adopted the thug-like behavior: "Warning!! You have been kicked out." Instantly, the Internet was cut off and their chat was ended.

Other guests in the hotel room also complained: "What a regime! They call it a crime if we use a particular word in a sentence. Don't we have the right to be good people and speak the truth? No wonder people are eager to withdraw from the CCP. It is high time that this party is dissolved."