(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Zhang Ying was released from a forced labor camp in September 2006. She is weak and slowly recovering at home. However, ever since September 28, 2006, people on six motorcycles have taken turns monitoring and following her 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ms. Zhang lives at No. 13, 210 Lane, Nada Road, the Baoshan District, Shanghai. The people monitoring her stay at the exits of 180, 200 Lane, or exit 210 Lane. While she noticed that she was being followed, she drove directly to a local police station and asked if they were following her. The police officials denied this, but in the meantime asked her family to report her daily activities.

Whether Ms. Zhang goes to her mother's or to the supermarket, a vehicle follows her. She and her family are constantly bothered, and her elderly parents are in a panic all the time, so they cannot lead a normal life.

Ms. Zhang was illegally sentenced two and a half years of forced labor in 2001and was released soon after. When she went to the Dachang Police Station to register her residency, the deputy police station head, Yang, seized her and incarcerated her in Baoshang Detention Center for 15 days without any legal documentation or paperwork. She was then transferred to Qingpu Legal System School (a brainwashing center) and released later on. In September 2005, the still-recovering Zhang Ying was arrested at the door of her home. Participating in the arrest were Baoshang 610 Office agents and the local police. She was released in September 2006 and is now recovering at home.

Mr. Lan Bing, Zhang Ying's husband, has been incarcerated in Shanghai Tilanqiao Prison for six years. He is located in Region No. 6 and is in poor health. He has high-blood pressure and retina disease clouding his vision and sometimes he experiences vision loss. His family is very worried about him and has requested the prison make proper treatment accessible to him.

Contact information:

Dachang Police Station, 1300 Hutiazhi Road, 86-21-56680748
Deputy Director Yang, responsible for the persecution of local practitioners: 86-21-56680748 ext. 807
Li Lifang, Dachang County 610 Office official: 86-21-36070123
Dachang County 610 Office: 86-21-56683868
Baoshang District 610 Office and National Security Division, 588 Bangu Road, 86-21-56608111 ext. 50334
Baoshang 610 Office chief Xi: 86-21-56691538
Baoshang 610 Office: 86-21-36071625