(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Han Guangrong is a 63-year-old retiree of the West Gate Train Station in the Shunqing District of Nanchong City, Sichuan Province.

Ms. Han has been "illegally imprisoned" many times since the persecution began on July 20, 1999. She has already been incarcerated for more than six years, including two years of forced labor and 15 days of detention and an illegal sentence of another four years. The 610 Office withheld Ms. Han's retirement pension for 48 months, an amount totaling approximately 20,000 yuan. She was deprived of her "Retired Worker Uniform Retirement Pension Raise" in 2006. Ms. Han worked for 35 years, but her current retirement pension is only 490 yuan per month. That is 200 yuan less than other retirees of the same tenure.

Ms. Han was released in May 2006 from the Western Sichuan Women's Prison, now renamed Binjiang Women's Prison in Chengdu City. The Shunqing District 610 Office, the District Police Department, the District Politics and Law Committee, the Xicheng Street Community Administration, Honghua Street Community, and Ximen Train Station still send personnel to harass, monitor, track, and threaten Ms. Han's family members.

At noon on August 9, 2007, section Chief Li (female, Binjiang Women's Prison) and section chief Zhou Ying (female, Area 12 in the prison) joined with Director Mr. Han (Honghua Street Community) and five other people to force their way into Ms. Han Guangrong's residence. Because Ms. Han's family members were all of one mind to resist and stop these people from entering her room, the officials were not able to take Ms. Han away.

At around 6 p.m. on August 27, 2007, Director Han (Honghua Street Community) once again led a group to break into Ms. Han Guangrong's home, intending to take her into custody. Ms. Han was not at home and they were not successful.

The officials from the Shunqing District did not give up. They sent community personnel to monitor her. Then a National Security agent followed Ms. Han's husband everywhere. He was a young man in white clothes, holding a cellphone and carrying a small black bag. They openly used two vehicles, one from the 610 Office and one from the National Security Brigade, to follow and harass Ms. Han's daughter. The Shunqing National Security Brigade deputy chief Du Weijia went to Ms. Han's daughter's work unit to intimidate her into handing over her mother. They told her that if she withheld knowledge about her mother, they would arrest her mother and then charge her with covering up a crime, have her fired as a light punishment, or sentence her to jail. This terrified Ms. Han Guangrong's daughter so much that she did not dare to go home that night.

Ms. Han Guangrong suffered from several chronic illnesses that disappeared over several months of practicing Falun Gong, without taking medicine. Ms. Han wanted to be a good person from then on. The agents of the Chinese Communist Party in the Shuanqing District of Nanchong City have confiscated the family's property, illegally imprisoned and sentenced Ms. Han to forced labor, reduced her retirement pension, and frequently sent people to harass and follow her. Now they have sent out word that they are looking to arrest her again, thus forcing this over 60-year-old woman into hiding. She is not able to go home, creating great difficulty for her entire family.