(Clearwisdom.net) I am a 62-year-old oil exploration worker. During the past two years, I have experienced some problems with my health, so I visited my doctors several times. I went to the local hospital for some medical examinations and lab tests, but no diagnosis could be made as to the cause of my problems. On January 8, 2007, as my symptoms had radically deteriorated, my family took me to the Central Blood Hospital in Tianjin. After many tests and X-rays, as well as three bone graft operations, I was diagnosed as having late stage bone marrow cancer along with severe diabetes. Much data in the tests showed abnormalities, including a blood platelet reading of 17 thousand (the normal reading is between 100 to 300 thousand), a peripheral blood reading of 0.4 grams, and blood sugar level between 17 and 24. My doctor warned my family, "Please don't tell the patient. Just tell him it's curable aplastic anemia."

At this critical juncture between life and death, my wife told me, "Whole-heartedly recite 'Falun Dafa is good' and 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,' and any tribulation will go away." Having practiced Falun Gong for nine years, my wife has experienced various kinds of difficulties and hardships. I personally witnessed tremendous changes in her after she began practicing. She used to have various illnesses, including high blood pressure, heart disease, a herniated lumbar disc, and joint effusion with spurs in both legs, which caused her to suffer tremendously. In addition, she was diagnosed with uterine tumors. Before she began practicing, she tried whatever prescription she could get and whatever therapies she could find. The whole family was deeply troubled but none of the medicine or therapy helped much. Later, some friends introduced her to Falun Gong and she started practicing. Soon afterwards, all the pains in her body disappeared. The dramatic change of her health during her nine years of practice has pleasantly surprised the whole family. I also witnessed some miraculous incidents happening to my wife. Once my wife and I were both riding bicycles to our home. Suddenly a car hit her and threw her and the bike about 100 feet. I was terrified and thought it must be hopeless. The driver was stunned, too. To our surprise, my wife slowly stood up and whisked the dust off her clothes. Both the driver and I rushed towards her. Outraged, I asked the driver for his license and planned to report the incident to police. Yet my wife said to the driver, "Young man, you can leave now. I'm fine. Let me just walk a few steps to show you. You have to be careful next time when you drive!" Back then I had a negative outlook on life, was unwilling to face hardship, and could not persist in the practice. It was very regretful.

During my treatments in Central Blood Hospital of Tianjin, I was persistent in following my wife's advice to recite "Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." During the first five days or so, I failed to pass stool. Instead what I passed was all dark blood. Even my doctor was greatly concerned. (Later I learned this occurred because Teacher was cleansing my body) The preliminary diagnosis concluded that a second treatment was needed, which would cost 600 thousand yuan. Since my medical bill then had already accumulated to tens of thousands of yuan, the astronomically expensive bill for the new treatment was formidable to us, as we are just average people who struggle to make ends meet with low wages.

Surprisingly, all the lab tests right before the second treatment showed normal readings - a fact that stunned my doctor, who immediately informed my family. "The patient's health is completely back to normal and he can be taken back home right away." Deep in our minds, we fully knew that it was Teacher and Falun Dafa that saved me.

During the month from March 8 to April 9, 2007, I miraculously recovered from the critical condition. My case made a big stir at China's only blood center - Tianjin Central Blood Hospital. Doctors, patients, and their families were all puzzled by my case and they chatted about it. In fact, despite the hundreds of thousands of yuan in medical bills that some patients at the hospital paid, their lives still failed to be saved. My case of miraculous recovery was the very first in the history of the hospital. Doctors and patients all said, "It's an unprecedented miracle!"

When I was dismissed from the hospital, many doctors and patients came to see me off. My wife frankly told them that it was Falun Dafa that saved me and gave me a second life. In the meantime, she clarified the facts about Falun Dafa to each of them. Many were in tears, and in fact some of them said, "We'll also start practicing Falun Gong as soon as we return home."

This miracle prompted me to regain my determination and confidence to practice Falun Dafa. Here I would like to thank Dafa, which saved my life. I particularly thank the great and compassionate Teacher who gave me a second life. I will use my extended life to diligently practice Dafa, validate Dafa, do well the three things, and be worthy of Teacher's compassionate salvation.