(Clearwisdom.net) On September 16, 2007, Huitong County in Hunan Province was celebrating the 100th year of a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official. At 6:00 p.m. on September 15, eleven Falun Dafa practitioners from Huaihua City, including Zhu Zhouxiang, Wang Yuying, Yang Chunlan, Yang Yingde, Yi Huanmei, Li Huaxiu, Zhang Luying, Ai Yuhua, Nie Yuanxin, Nie Guixiang and Zuo Shuying, took a bus to Baozhijiao Town, Huitong County, Hunan Province to distribute truth-clarification materials for saving sentient beings. CCP members from Huaihua City, along with 610 Office agents and police officers from Huitong County illegally detained them. The practitioners were all held in the detention center in Huitong County. Two older practitioners, 82-year-old Nie Yuanxin and 70-year-old Zuo Shuying have since returned home.

On September 22, in order to control and stifle the people on "Zhijiang Peace Day," an environment of terror was created, martial law was imposed in the city and around 800 police officers were allocated from nearby counties for the day. This is because the Communist Party political officers from Zhijiang City fear the Falun Dafa practitioners clarifying the truth. They set up posts every 500 meters along the entrance road between Zhijiang City and the surrounding cities and strictly prohibited common vehicles from passing through. This severely interfered with the lives of the citizens, and many people complained.

Fear of Falun Dafa makes the Communist Party brutally persecute practitioners without any rationality. Recently we have confirmed that five Falun Dafa practitioners from Chenxi County nearby Huaihua City were arrested at home or at their work.

Postal code for Changsha city: 410000, phone area code: 0731
General phone number of the Ministry of Public Security of Hunan province: 86-731-4590600
The persecution of Falun Dafa liability number of the Ministry of Public Security of Hunan province: 86-731-4590134

General phone number of the Ministry of Justice of Hunan Province: 86-731-4586415
Li Yaogong, head of the city 610 Office: 86-13307459315 (Cell), 86-745-2725516 (Home), 86-745-2710851 (Office). This person condemns Falun Dafa. He shouted and was very aggressive in a brainwashing session in November 2005, with those practitioners who did not "transform."

Zhang Chuling, deputy head of the city 610 Office: 86-13307450612 (Cell), 86-745-2721937 (Home), 86-745-2711611 (Office). He lives in the city government office's yard and has a car. He used to be the head of the Huaihua City Prison and was transferred from the Huaihua Prison to the 610 Office between the years 2004 and 2005. His wife, with the last name Yang, works at Yingfeng Park branch of Hecheng District Farm Credit Union.

Huaihua city government: 86-745-2715899, 86-745-2712515, 86-745-2713769
Huaihua city committee: 86-745-2716229