(Clearwisdom.net) I am a veteran Dafa practitioner. I began to practice in 1996. I did not do well and I made some major mistakes, but regardless, Master never gave up on me and pointed out things to me through a variety of ways. Fellow practitioners also helped me, and I came to realize that I carry the responsibility of a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple; that I have to get up from where I fall, do the three things well, and no matter how difficult it may seem, I need to keep pushing forward.

I got my job back with righteous thoughts

The first experience I will share here is about my job situation. After I was released from the labor camp in 2004, I went to my old work the next day but there was no job for me. The work place had a new boss and I went to see him. He replied: "This is beyond my duty. Our workplace has a fixed number of personnel arranged by upper level managers. You may go talk to them." He also told all the employees not to talk to me. I looked at the situation and thought that maybe I should look for another job. Through studying the Fa and exchanging experiences with fellow practitioners, I realized that it was persecution arranged by the old forces, so I decided to negate it and became determine to get my job back.

One night in a dream, I saw the leader of my workplace. He stood only one inch tall and was crying in front of me. I realized that Master was pointing out to me that I should not resent him; he might be confused as a human but he has his knowing side. I began talking to higher level managers. I felt that as a Dafa practitioner, our way of speech and behavior themselves clarify the truth. People can feel our benevolence and inner peace. I could also see the world's people, their kindness and sense of justice. I believed that as long as I did the three things well, Master would arrange for me to come across people to save. I finally found the leader of the higher management. He happened to have traveled overseas once and there learned the truth of Dafa. He called my workplace, criticized the leader there and let me go back to work right away.

Be understanding with my family members and save them

My parents-in-law also practiced Falun Dafa before the persecution. They were poisoned by the slanderous propaganda and stopped practicing. They put quite a lot of pressure on me, throwing mocking words and even persuading their son to divorce me. This created much interference between my husband (who's also a practitioner) and myself. When I clarified the truth to them, I got agitated and the results were not good. I knew it was the old forces who used my karma and shortcomings to disturb me. Whenever I think about Master, who sacrifices everything completely for sentient beings in the universe, I cannot help but cry. I get worried and upset if I don't do well. I talk to Master in my heart: "Your disciple does not want a human heart, I just want to assimilate to Data, and help Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings."

I stopped blaming my mother-in-law, tried to understand her, paid attention to my own words and deeds and paid attention to their needs. In order to cut down on the misunderstandings and conflicts, I began "retraining" myself to eat meat, as the in-laws all like meat products. The meat felt like wood chips when I chewed on it, but the attachment regarding eating meat was over. My mother-in-law is a kind and talkative lady who has a calm temperament. Whenever holiday time approaches, she begins preparing food a few days before. As soon as I get home I go into the kitchen to help her right away, I try my best and so does my husband and our efforts paid off. My mother-in-law changed her attitude and understood us more, she also quit the CCP and began listening to the Fa, the conversation between us became relaxed, and I no longer get upset with my parents-in-law.

From studying the Fa, exercising, sending forth righteous thoughts, clarifying the truth and constantly looking inward, I feel more mature, rational and that my righteous thoughts are getting stronger. Nothing is going to shake my beliefs, I pay close attention to every thought, completely negating the arrangement of the old forces. As long as my heart is on the Fa and saving sentient beings, Master is protecting me every moment.

Clarifying the truth, asking people to withdraw from the CCP, and saving sentient beings

I still have a long way to go in persuading people to withdraw from the CCP. Because I was persecuted for a long time, I was fearful initially, but I knew that I had to carry out my duty as a Falun Dafa practitioner. I began with a street vendor. He trusted my demeanor and his entire family withdrew from the CCP.

One thing happened to me recently that gave me the confidence. I was crossing the road when a person carrying a milk bottle was rushing across the road. A police car traveling fast toward us had to hit the brakes hard. After we reached the other side, I said to the person. "We had a dangerous situation today." "It's a good thing we aren't hurt." "Looks like we have a predestined relationship, do you know the truth about Falun Dafa?" "Let's sit in the park and talk about it." I was surprised by his reply. However, one thought arose in my mind. I wondered if he was a plainclothes police officer. But, then again I thought, maybe he really wants to learn the truth of Dafa and hadn't been able to find it yet. Even if he had a wicked thought, I would dissolve it with my righteous thoughts. I talked to him for five minutes. He understood quickly and chose to withdraw from the CCP youth league.

Pay close attention to every thought

One day, my husband told me that our printer stopped working. Before that, I told my husband that we had enough materials and that we didn't need to print any more. He didn't listen but later he told me that the printer had quit working. The next day, I felt my thoughts were clear: the printer was also a being during the Fa rectification, it is doing its best. But, because we didn't coordinate the printing well, it made things difficult for the printer. Yes, we did have some material, but my husband wanted to print more to save sentient beings, which is an urgent matter. I told my husband: "You may print again later, it will work again soon." Later he told me, "It is working." From this it taught me the serious nature of cultivation and the importance of coordination for the group. Dafa practitioners must pay close attention to their every thought!

On the path of Fa rectification, there are many miracles, and many shortcomings. I am deeply moved by Master's compassionate salvation and his boundless benevolence. Even though I regret that sometimes I did not do well, I believe in Master, believe in Dafa and I will try my best to do what a Fa rectification period disciple should do and diligently fulfill my vows.