(Clearwisdom.net) After I read the second lecture in Zhuan Falun, two mornings later while sending righteous thoughts, I saw scenes from another dimension.

In the other dimension, I saw that the rise or fall in cultivation level that one experiences has a measurement standard. At my present level, it appeared in the form of a percentage score.

In studying the Fa, if we recite the Fa, the score begins at sixty percent. If we just read, then we are required to be very concentrated to pass. If we just read but are not concentrated, we would fail. I saw that my score of studying the Fa is just over sixty.

If we send righteous thoughts four times a day at the set times, the score is sixty points. If we send righteous thoughts more than the set four times a day, then we will get an extra five points for each time. If we do not send righteous thoughts at the set times, then we will be deducted fifteen points for each time we miss. The total score per day would be an addition of scores based on whether we fulfill the requirement and how many times we send more righteous thoughts. I found my score was less than 60.

The third score is for saving people and clarifying the truth. I saw that my score was just over fifty; I did not pass. I thought "I've done a lot of Dafa work! Shouldn't I pass since I distribute a lot of flyers every day?" A stereophonic voice came into my mind, "You do that in pursuit of consummation, so it is not counted."

Later, I sat face to face with a God but I couldn't see the God's body, as it existed in the form of energy and thoughts. My heart was taken out and put in the center; the scenes of my cultivation from the beginning appeared like a movie screen in the heart. A silent thought told me, "Talk about your mentality when you did everything, see whether you reach the standard." At that time, I felt I could neither plea nor hide, since a strong field made me unable to speak if I did not tell the truth.

Dafa work that reaches the standard is that done as Master asks us to do it: Things that are done based on what we enlightened to from the Fa, and are done according to the guidance of the Fa; things that are done totally to save people and validate the Fa, while not pursuing any personal gain. Whatever is done out of personal intention and purpose, which you regard as good by thinking you're doing it for Dafa based on the human mentality, that you do to validate yourself, to pursue a reward and consummation. All things done for these reasons are not counted in the eyes of the Gods and do not meet the standard.

At that time, every scene from the beginning of my cultivation was presented in front of my eyes very quickly, but I could see everything and feel every moment. A silent thought asked me to evaluate what I have done and to see whether my actions reached the standard. The feeling was very serious. I felt that on the issue of cultivation, you cannot cheat others, you can only fool yourself.

I saw that the scoring standard does not depend on how many things you have done to save people and clarify the truth, but depends on how much of our spare time and energy, (except the time for maintaining an ordinary work and life) that we use for Dafa and saving people. The amount that our dedication occupies our heart is the score.

Seeing these scenes, I realized that I had parts that need improvement in cultivation. I also felt the urgency to cultivate myself. I have not done well in sending righteous thoughts in the morning for a long time. I had not removed the foundation of ego when doing Dafa work, and I retained a strong selfish pursuit to reaching consummation. I was unable get rid of the mode of doing Dafa work with intention. Possibly it is because time is urgent that I enlightened to this so directly, and that I would have lost the chance to enlighten otherwise.

This is what I understand at this time, for your reference.