(Clearwisdom.net) I want to share some of my experiences in trying to persuade people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I am doing this to discover where I fall short and thus encourage others to make greater efforts as well. We must not back off or give in our efforts to persuade people to quit the Party. People will understand the truth as long as we sincerely offer them salvation and an opportunity to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Persuading my family to quit the CCP

My mother is a retired teacher in her 70s. During the CCP's many political movements, my mother was berated and ostracized because she was born and raised in the type of family that the CCP disliked. Nevertheless, having been brainwashed for so long with atheism and propaganda, my mother felt deep gratitude toward the CCP.

I spoke to my mother about the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party," told her about the "Three Withdrawals" (withdrawing from the Party, the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers) and explained the facts about the persecution to her, but she was unwilling to listen. My mother is knowledgeable. All her life she had been and still is eager to be a member of the Communist Party and never believed in the existence of gods or spirits. When I bring up these things I am afraid she may lose her temper, and therefore I do not handle myself very well.

Nevertheless, I thought, "She is my mother, the lucky mother of a Dafa disciple; she is a life who came here to be saved by Dafa. I must make sure Dafa will save this life. Mother doesn't believe in gods, but I can discuss scientific discoveries with her, as well as the trilobite fossil mentioned in Zhuan Falun, the tall and fine building under the oceans, and other wonders. I may eventually talk with her about things such as the Nine Commentaries, the evilness of the CCP, and how the CCP deceives people, but I must not be moved if she becomes impatient." Mother eventually changed somewhat but still refused to quit the CCP.

One night I noticed my mother scream painfully in her sleep. I realized that it must be the result of the wicked CCP culture. I prayed to Master for help and made up my mind that I must offer her salvation. I again told her that the Bible speaks of the "mark of the beast" and what happens to those who are thus marked. I pleaded with her to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. This time, she happily agreed. From then on, Mother no longer had nightmares and slept peacefully.

I came to a conclusion when I examined how I had explained the truth to my relatives: As long as one studies the Fa well and is determined to offer sentient beings salvation, whether or not they accept it, no matter how bad their attitude is, no matter how they speak, we must simply persist in our righteous thoughts and try to assertively and calmly answer their questions about quitting the Party. Then we will succeed. I managed to persuade all of my relatives I met with face-to-face to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Convincing former classmates and countrymen to quit the Party

I thought about how to take advantage of the limited opportunities to persuade my classmates living near and far, and those who remember me and those who may not, to quit the Party. I grew determined to offer them salvation, so whenever I spoke to them I relied on Dafa's power. With strong righteous thoughts we will get good results when trying to convince others.

I attended a party once for one of my classmate's children who was about to enter high school. At the party I discovered that none of the invited guests were my actual classmates, but that all of them were from other classes. I did not even know their names. I asked them to write their phone numbers in my notebook and thus naturally got to know their names. I first clarified the truth to the people around me and handed them materials. After I had convinced one person to quit the Party, I sent righteous thoughts and asked Master for help to make them change seats and make all those whom I hadn't yet talked with to eventually sit beside me.

With that thought in mind, once a person agreed to the "three withdrawals," he would be replaced by another one who might have said, "I am a CCP member and I am loyal to the CCP." I explained the facts, told the person of the Nine Commentaries, answered questions about quitting the Party, told the person of all the benefits and assured him or her that the process was completely risk-free. Some of them then accepted what I said and agreed.

I did not do too well initially. Sometimes my righteous thoughts were weak. I learned from experience and did better the next time. Later I not only persuaded the person to quit, but also told him to spread the information among his family and friends.

Several of my friends lost their temper and insulted me whenever I mentioned quitting the CCP. This made me suffer a lot. I looked inside myself and found I was attached to personal reputation and to the respect others would show me. I needed to let go of that attachment and not become disturbed by anything they said. I had to patiently address the things that they didn't understand. When we let go of the human mindset, success will come.

Urging strangers to quit the CCP

When I meet strangers I first think, "I want to offer him salvation, so I must eliminate any evil factors that try to damage the Fa in his dimension, disintegrate all the meddling deities, and get rid of the wicked CCP specter and all the evil in its domain." I may first chat with them accordingly and discuss the facts from the point of view of a third party. It is very possible that have a predestined relationship with us, and they may agree to quit right away, so we must seize every opportunity.

I have lots of shortcomings compared to other diligent fellow practitioners. During this last stage of the Fa-rectification, I will try my best to do the three things well, be more diligent, fulfill my pre-historic great vow, and return home with Master.