(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Xu Shufen was from Qianan City, Hebei Province. She was held at the Qianan City Detention Center and died as a result of torture on November 6, 2002. She was 49 years old.

On the morning of September 28, 2002, police station head Zhang Man led other police officers to arrest Ms. Xu Shufen, and took her to the Chengguan District Police Department. Ms. Xu pleaded with them not to tear up Dafa books as she watched. As a result, Zhang Man violently beat Ms. Xu, making one of her eye sockets and eyeball swell. Her head was badly injured, and she was in severe pain. After savagely torturing her, the policemen handcuffed her so that she could not move, and they also tied her up tightly.

At around 7:00 p.m. on September 28, the police transferred Ms. Xu Shufen to Qianan City Detention Center. While there, the guards often cruelly beat and abused her. At each interrogation session she had to endure different degrees of abuse and beatings. She was inhumanely tortured at the detention center.

Before she was tortured to death, detention center female guard Shao Yanhong ruthlessly beat Ms Xu. The guards also declared that they would beat her to death. At the time, guards Guo Zhiqiang and Yang cruelly beat her together and then handcuffed her until past 3:00 a.m. Ms. Xu still felt physically uncomfortable on the day following the tortures.

Ms. Xu would perhaps still be alive had the detention center doctor Chen Xue and guard Feng not participated in her gross abuse. She would then still be alive and able to clarify the truth to people and help save sentient beings. At the time her blood pressure was very high. Despite this, the detention center doctor and the guard forcibly pulled her up and also accused her of faking her condition. Later they did not prevent her from falling and handled her roughly. She subsequently had a brain hemorrhage and died as a result. The gross physical abuse under the persecution was a deciding factor in her death while in police custody.

Chinese Communist Party agents had previously arrested Ms. Xu Shufen and ransacked her home several times, which deeply hurt her family. Furthermore, they threatened her family many times. Once before in December 2001, she was held in a detention center for 18 days.

Political and Security Section of Qianan City Police Department:
Head, Peng Minghui: 86-315-7616765 (Home), 86-315-7637448
Ha Fulong: 86-315-6296596, 86-315-7688882
Wang Shiwu, Pu Yonglai, Geng Jiyang, Shen Guoyou
Former City Police Department head, Ai Wenqing: 86-13832987868 (Cell)
Former City Police Department deputy head, Qiu Jiandong: 86-315-7637486 (Home)
City 610 Office head, Yang Yulin: 86-315-7898663, 86-315-7639612
Qianan City Detention Center guard, Shao Yanhong: 86-13832987832 (Cell)
Qianan City Detention Center doctor, Chen Xue, who has a template mold store near Xinzai Village
Qianan Township Police Station officer, Zhang Man, who often savagely beat Falun Gong practitioners