Jiangsu Provincial Women's Forced Labor Camp, a so-called "civilized camp," is located in Jurong City, Jiangsu Province, and was first used to detain Falun Gong practitioners in 2000. Presently there are more than 50 practitioners illegally detained in the No. 3 group.

Hong Ying and Zhou Ying, the political instructors of the camp, have coerced and instigated criminal inmates to beat practitioners. They force practitioners to squat on an inverted bench without shoes and transcribe materials that slander Falun Dafa at the same time. The criminal inmates beat any practitioners that disobey the orders. Practitioners like Ms. Hu Zhenru, Ms. Wu Rongduo, and Ms. Xi Xia have been tortured.

Practitioners who resist and dare to hold hunger strikes are force fed. Other practitioners are compelled to watch. During the force- feeding process, the nose, mouth and throat of the practitioner are often severely injured, so she is transferred to the recovery center for so-called treatment. But while there, the practitioner is injected with unknown drugs that destroy the nervous system, so after a while, she suffers from headaches and has a constant bitter taste in her mouth. When the practitioner is returned to the prison, she is forced to write slanderous materials, which are traded for food, showers, restroom privileges, etc.

The guards have tried to "transform" practitioners by using verbal abuse and torture. The guards involved are: Sun Ping, Zhao Jinli (both are group heads), Ding Hui, Hua Tingting, Lian Shaohua, Qi Dongmei, Zhang Jing, Xu Zhiqin, Wu Hongyan, and another vicious guard surnamed Mao.

Some practitioners who defended Dafa during brainwashing sessions have been forced into the squat position and prohibited from using the restroom. As a result, their feet were so swollen they couldn't walk. For example, Ms. Guo Juanling was forced to squat for 48 hours without moving, and in the end her feet were so swollen she couldn't put her shoes on. Ms. Zhu Huomei was also forced to squat and not allowed to use the restroom for defending Dafa, and Ms. Li Xiufang's feet hurt so much that she could not move them when released.

I witnessed the persecution described above over 12 months, but there was so much more hidden behind closed doors. Some detained practitioners were isolated from us, but I could hear their cries and sounds of beatings and torture upstairs, so, apparently, the persecution they suffered was much more severe.

On December 25, 2006, there was a inspection of the camp, so the guards hid the Falun Gong practitioners in a storage room. They were not allowed to move or go to the restroom. At the end of April 2007, when there was another inspection, all practitioners were confined in the workplace.

Below is the list of Falun Gong practitioners detained in Jiangsu Provincial Women's Forced Labor Camp, some of whom have already been released:

Cao Yifan, Wu Qiuqin, Yuan Jin'e, Jiang Sugen, Jin Peixia, Zheng Cuifang, Zhang Yingjun, Zhu Sulan, Sun Shaolan, Hu Zhenru, Zhu Ruifeng, Lu Ruying, Zhang Xiaoxin, Liu Jiemei, Liu Qinfang, Li Xiuying, Wang Jianping, Ye Lurong, Xiao Yuzhen, Xu Xiaoyi, Qian Guoqin, Fei Daiyu, Li Sen, Li Jifang, Rong Caizhen, Wang Chunrong, Xu Panzhen, Li Xiufang, Zhou Chunmei, Guo Juanling, Zhu Jianmei, Zhao Rongcai, Tang Xiufang, Wang Lihua, Chen Lin, Zhu Huomei, etc.