(Clearwisdom.net) On September 9, 2007, Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Guo Cuizhu was reported to the authorities for clarifying the truth about the persecution to people at a market. She was arrested by male agents Huang Jiatian and Hong Jiren from the State Security Division of Yanping District. The agents ransacked her home and confiscated all her Dafa materials.

Ms. Guo Cuizhu is a 66-year-old retired schoolteacher. She suffered serious varicose veins in both her legs as a result of hours of standing during her teaching career. She also suffered from diabetes. Though her husband and eldest son are both locally famous internists, they were not able to help with her afflictions. Since becoming a Falun Dafa practitioner in 1998, her health has remarkably improved. Since then, she has not required any medication for her diabetes, which amazes both her physician husband and son.

In 1999, Falun Dafa became the target of persecution. Ms. Guo happily shared her personal experience about Dafa and would tell anyone she met that Dafa is good, in hopes that these people would also benefit by the truth and goodness of Dafa. Her kindness was not rewarded. Instead she suffered continuous harassment. In 2005, for no reason, she was forcefully removed from her home by local policemen and agents from the state security division, and was detained for one day. She was then taken to the detention center. She currently remains detained.

Recently the State Security Division of Nanping City has been unceasingly mistreating Falun Dafa practitioners. To date, six practitioners are still imprisoned at the Nanping Municipal Detention Center. Among them, 73-year-old practitioner Mr. Chen Mingchen has been imprisoned since December 2006. He suffers serious urinary incontinence due to the torture he suffered while in the detention center and also suffers from high blood pressure. Even though these conditions have rendered him bedridden, the police refuse to release him.

Persons that directly participated in the persecution:
Chief of the State Security Division Huang Jiatian: 86-13850987763 (Cell)
Political Instructor of the State Security Division Hong Jiren: 86-599-8822412 (Office)
Deputy Commissioner in charge Zong Jianxi (male): 86-599-8820295 (Office), 86-599-8822212 (Home), 86-13905091582 (Cell)
Nanping Municipal Detention Center 86-599-8720683