(Clearwisdom.net) On October 13, 2007, practitioners Mr. Li Sheng, Mr. Hou Jifeng, and Ms. Xu Hui were driving to Changshang Township for business when they were followed by State Security police from Songyuan City. The police illegally arrested the practitioners while they were in the residential area of Changshang Township and confiscated Hou Jifeng's automobile. During the trip to the Changshang Township public security bureau, they handcuffed Mr. Sheng and Mr. Hou together and attacked the three practitioners who were doing their best to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to the police. The police also tried to humiliate the practitioners.

Upon getting out of the police vehicle at the public security bureau, "Mr Li Sheng shouted, "Falun Dafa is good! Practicing Falun Gong is legal!"

Six to seven officers immediately jumped on Mr. Li, punching, kicking and cursing at him. They then forced some kind of drug into his mouth. Mr. Hou stepped forward to stop them. so they beat both Mr. Li and Mr. Hou. Afterwards, the three practitioners were taken upstairs for further interrogation and abuse. Both Mr. Li and Mr. Hou were brutally beaten on the floor until they were too injured to even stand. A police officer said, "You guys will find out what's coming to you when we get back to the city. Some special measures were designed especially for you."

The practitioners were subjected to interrogation until midnight, but they did not disclose any information. Later the police told Hou Jifeng, "We found some brochures in your car." This was fabricated information and outright framing. They later said that they found two USB flash drives among the items confiscated from Hou Jifeng. Police asserted that with evidence on the two flash drives, he would be given a jail sentence.

Afterwards, the three practitioners were forced back into the police vehicle. While they were being driven back to the city, one police officer brutally punched Ms. Xu Hui in the face, injuring her eyes so severely that she could barely open them.

As soon as practitioners were taken to the first floor of the city's Public Security Bureau, where the torture room was, Mr. Li Sheng was forced to sit on a tiger bench. When he resisted, he was brutally beaten. Guards pushed his head hard against a metal fence until his mouth and nose were bleeding. Then, guards handcuffed his hands to the iron fence, suspending him, and he was tortured with another round of long, severe beatings. There were more than 10 people who took part in the arrest and torture of the practitioners. One of them was Li Guoqing.

Afterwards, police took Hou Jifeng to his father-in-law's house in Gexin Village, and they ransacked the house, but did not find anything. Then they took him to another residential building west of the Qianguo Oil Refinery plant. While the guards were busy searching the building, Hou Jifeng managed to escape.

The police later ransacked Hou Jifeng's home and took his Falun Dafa books, laptop computer, personal items, engine repair equipment, tools, new electronic parts, along with his wallet containing four credit cards, at least 100 yuan in cash, and his car valued at 45,000 yuan. The police stole property with an estimated value of 70,000 yuan from Mr. Hou, his family and father-in-law. To evade more persecution, Mr. Hou Jifeng was forced into homelessness, and he has a 10-month old baby at home.

The other two practitioners are still being illegally detained and persecuted.