(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to share how I validate the Fa and clarify the facts at the factory where I work.

The place where I work is a foreign enterprise that employs many intellectuals. I decided to clarify the facts of Falun Dafa by email. I collect and use colleagues' private email addresses. I believe Master and the Fa-guardian gods will guide predestined people to me. It has turned out that many predestined sentient being's email addresses just appear to me, and sometimes I accidentally discover them. I usually write down the address quickly and later send truth-clarifying materials to that person after I return home. Those email addresses have become the channel for many sentient beings to be saved.

When I began collecting email addresses, I realized that when I treated collecting them as a job and when I failed to do things according to the requirements of Dafa, the result usually was not good. I remember once a colleague was not at his desk, but his computer was on and his email boxes were open. I decided to look for some addresses. I had a quick look, wrote some down, and left his desk. I never would have imagined that as soon as this colleague saw me again, he would say that I was dishonest, and he also said some other bad words to me. It was an uncomfortable situation.

Through studying the Fa, I came to understand why this colleague kept saying those things to me. I had done things according to everyday people's standard instead of that of a practitioner: I had opened my colleague's email box when he was not present. That is unethical behavior even by everyday people's standards. My colleague didn't see what I had done, but the old forces did. Furthermore, I did have a kind of sneaky feeling at the time, and my heart and thoughts were not righteous. The old forces certainly had an excuse.

Once I emailed a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to my supervisor, as he is a Party member. In the morning when I went to get something from his office, he was reading something on his computer and said, "Who would send me such reactionary email!" I was shocked. I quickly walked out of his office with a guilty conscience because I was lacking righteous thoughts at that moment. Then my head was filled with fearful thoughts: "He must know that it was me who sent that email, otherwise why would he say that when I happened to go into his office? Would he report me?" I also resented him, thinking, "I was trying to save you, and you dare to shout so loud!" My human thoughts got the upper hand instead of my righteous thoughts.

That fear remained with me for quite some time, and I felt restless at work. One day when I was at work, I saw a car stopped inside the factory. Two people got out of the car and head toward the factory director's office. They looked like plainclothes police from the National Security Bureau. I felt a shiver come over me and I said to myself, "My cultivation path is arranged by Master. Master, please help me!" After a while, the factory director sent someone to tell me to go to his office. That meant they really were agents from the National Security Bureau! Again I sent forth righteous thoughts: "I am a Dafa disciple. No one is allowed to persecute me." At the same time, I sought Master's help. I calmly answered the agents' simple questions. They asked me about some of my family details, and in the end, they said, "We are just revisiting past practitioners. You don't have to worry!"

Actually, after I sent forth righteous thoughts, I realized that my purpose for being here is to save sentient beings. I felt the strong righteous energy field around me. I felt Master and the Fa-guardian gods watching right next to me and taking good care of me, and I was not as scared as before. The only worry that I had was that there were some truth-clarifying materials in the cupboard. I again asked Master to safeguard it. Before they left, the agents made it clear to the director not to put pressure on me. I knew this resulted from Master's protection and the righteous thoughts that I had.

Now when I look back, I realize that it was my attachment of fear that brought those special agents. The old forces saw such great fear in a cultivator, so they would try anything to take advantage of that attachment. But the use of persecution is not acceptable to Master. We should deny such evil arrangements by the old forces. We should walk the path Master has arranged for us, and keep our righteous thoughts constantly.

There are staff changes on a regular basis where I work. I realize now that all the people around Dafa disciples are predestined to be with us. They come close to us to find out the truth and to be saved. Because of that, I always watch what I say and how I behave in my daily life, and keep reminding myself not to give Dafa a bad reputation. One day a new temporary worker started work next to me. He was kind of lazy and didn't do his work well. When I was by myself, the work was usually done very well and the workplace was kept clean. But after this person came, he was always in my way. Eventually I got careless about my image and started to shout at him. After a while, he said that I was "behaving more and more like a boss." I knew he meant that I was ordering him around too much. But in those days I often thought that he was the cause of my bad temper. I looked outward instead of inward and failed to find my own problem. Not long after that, he handed in his resignation, because his wages were too low. Just then I realized the reason why this person showed up in my life, and why management would have hired him to help me do work that I could do by myself. The reason was very simple. Because I am a Dafa disciple, he came to me to hear the truth. I must save him. Maybe there are very strong predestined relationships between us from previous lifetimes. After I made up my mind, I had a talk with him. He readily agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its Youth League and Young Pioneers organizations, using an assumed name. If I had failed to take that chance and approach him, he would have missed the opportunity to learn the truth. After he found out the truth, he left. Later he phoned me, telling me that he had found another factory job that pays him well.

There are many people near us who are hoping to be saved by us. Master has sent them. No matter how they treat us, we must treat them compassionately to fulfill our prehistoric vows to save those predestined sentient beings. We must look inward when things happen to us, as these predestined people could appear in our lives in very ordinary ways.

Please compassionately point out anything that is not appropriate.