(Clearwisdom.net) On June 22, 2007, Ms. Huang Ruhua, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Pudong District, Shanghai City, was arrested at her workplace by police officers from Luwan District. The officers searched her property without finding anything incriminating. On July 11, 2007, she was released from the Luwan District Detention Center, but the Pudong District 610 Office has continued harassing her.

Last week, Ms. Huang Ruhua's landlord, of apartment No. 38, Suite No. 503, 28 Ave., Shangnan Sixth Community, Tangshan Road, Pudong District, informed her that he had been fined 200 yuan by the police for renting the apartment to her, and that she had been ordered to move out. According to the landlord, the officers claimed that Ms. Huang must move out since she will bring the landlord legal trouble. Ms. Huang managed to pay her landlord the 200 yuan and said, "We Falun Dafa practitioners are all good people. I would never interfere with you, or bring you trouble." He responded, "But the police pressured me too much. They still would have insisted on fining me 200 yuan."

Ms. Huang's older sister, who is not a Falun Dafa practitioner, visited the Zhoujiadu Police Station, which services the area where Ms. Hung lives. She questioned the officers there, "Do you have any valid reason for not allowing my sister to live in her apartment? Even if a person has committed a crime, you don't have the authority to move them out. Does the constitution and law have such stipulations? Moreover, my sister is not a criminal, she is a good person. Why do you want to make her homeless?" A male officer answered, "We were pressured by the higher authorities. On the day her home was searched, more than ten officers and two police cars came here. We were not expecting such a response. We were startled. There is too much pressure on us, so please do not blame us."

Meanwhile, the directing staff of Ms. Huang's workplace, The Xinxin Bus Transportation Company, may also be under pressure from the authorities. They no longer allow her to drive the vehicles. Instead, they assigned her to the dispatch office at the back of the terminal. As a result her salary is only half as much as it was before.

According to current information, these specific persecution orders came from the Pudong District 610 Office and the State Security Division of the Pudong District Police Department.

Ms. Huang now lives with her son and her financial pressure is quite large.

Zhoujiadu Police Station: 86-21-5883-7001, 86-21-2894-6050
Second residents' committee of Shangnan Sixth Community: 86-21-5880-5908
Xinxin Bus Transportation Company: 86-21-6328-0770, 86-21-6328-8823, 86-21-6387-6119 (tel/fax)