(Clearwisdom.net) I am currently employed in a trade school. A few days ago, I saw in the office an evaluation by a teacher's aide from the Business English major course. The report emphasizes that there are too many political classes as required basic courses and many students and their parents are against these classes. The report says, "In this major, there are a total of 22 courses, not including the graduation thesis. Among them, seven courses are "basic requirements," which include five political science courses--almost one-fourth of the total amount of courses. In addition, these political science courses are repetitive, which is not accepted by students and goes against the principles of practicality found in adult education."

I looked at the course schedule and on top were five political courses. They are: Philosophy of Marxism, Deng Xiaoping Theory, The Legal Basis and Ideological Moral Cultivation, Introduction to Maoist Theory, Marxist Political Economics. These five courses are found in primary schools, high schools (in the so-called "ideology and morality" courses) to universities and graduate schools. It systematically force-feeds students with the evil party's theories and culture. Regardless of one's major or degree, these five courses must be taken. The report points out that they are especially not welcome and students "do not accept it."

Now all colleges have fees and students pay expensive tuitions to obtain some basic knowledge and practical skills so that they can have these skills to survive in society. Who still believes in the theories of Marx, Deng or Mao? Now there are many information channels, despite the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)'s desperate attempts to block the Internet. It can not block the truth because more and more students and teachers have read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and know about the devious methods employed by the CCP. As they read and the more they learn, the more they feel cheated by the CCP.

The teachers who teach those political classes are rather casual. They chat and gossip about nonsense during the class and the tests are easy to pass. Some teachers do not even look at the answers and just give scores based upon their first impressions, which makes both the teachers and the students happy. However, it still occupies a large amount of students' precious time and is wasted on these meaningless political classes. Parents that spend more money for their child's education see that the expensive schooling is not helping them learn much. Students basically only memorize the theories from Marx, Deng and Mao.

In fact, the school teachers bitterly hate this but the examination subjects are provided by the Ministry of Education and Provincial Board of Education which is not decided by the school. Teachers still have methods of dealing with it. In the end, the investigative report suggests to combine the five political courses into two courses. In addition, it suggests to cut the class hours in half, reduce the examination scope to a bare minimum, and make the exam questions simple to ensure that everyone will pass. This actually becomes a "selling point" for attracting students because it is said that most students are satisfied with this suggestion.

Coincidentally, yesterday a teacher from another department in the school gave me an enrollment advertisement flier for the Business English major. I first read the course listing. Unfortunately, the five political courses were still listed on top and I was going to put it aside but then suddenly I saw a line of text written in bright red. It said that students can apply for exemption of these five political courses. This saves teachers and students from suffering and also saves a lot of money instead of hiring more teachers. Who wouldn't choose this option? It seems the CCP's brainwashing methods, which they impose upon students, is very unpopular.