(Clearwisdom.net) On October 16, the Yongchang County Court in Gansu Province unlawfully sentenced several Falun Gong practitioners who were arrested on March 13, 2007.

Early in the morning on March 4, 2007, many banners appeared all over the county. The banners read, "The Heavens are annihilating the Chinese Communist Party; Save yourself by quitting the CCP" and "The Heavens are annihilating the Chinese Communist Party, 19 million people have already quit the CCP." There were also fliers exposing those responsible for persecuting Falun Gong in the region.

After this happened, the authorities set up a "3.03 Special Case" group, led by Shang Kewu and Li Xinhua from the Jinchang City National Security Team. They worked with National Security Teams in different counties and began an investigation. Members of the Yongchang County National Security Team include Li Guoyu, Luo Wenhu and Yan Zhengwu.

On March 13, 2007, police arrested practitioner Mr. Mao Wei and searched his home twice. After a one-week detention, Shang Kewu from the Jinchang City National Security Team received 5,000 yuan in funding and formed a 16-person interrogation group. They subjected Mr. Mao Wei to intense torture and interrogation for six days, and then they secretly transferred him to the Sandan County Detention Center. They transferred him back to the Yongchang County Detention Center in June 2007.

Practitioner Mr. Cai Yong's phone was monitored in late April 2007. Agents from the Provincial Police Bureau in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province unlawfully arrested him and transferred him to Danshan City. He is now being held in the Yongchang County Detention Center.

In late June 2007, the authorities arrested practitioner Ms. Yao Furong. The policemen broke into her home and ransacked it. She is presently being held at the Yongchang County Detention Center. Practitioner Ms. Cao Fang was arrested while on her way home.

Other practitioners subjected to persecution during this same period include Ms. Liu Guiju, Ms. Fu Lingwen, Mr. Yang Xiaochuan and Ms. Wei Fengling. Ms. Liu Guiju and Ms. Fu Lingwen have since been released on medical parole. Mr. Yang Xiaochuan and Ms. Wei Fengling have become homeless to avoid further persecution.

Mr. Mao Wei's family members are prohibited from visiting him. The police threatened Mr. Mao Wei's lawyer not to attempt a defense for his client and prohibited Mr. Mao from meeting with his lawyer.

People who participated in the persecution:
Yongchang County Procuratorate's Public Prosecution Section: Liu Ze, Zhao Xianming, and Zhang Hexin
Yongchang County Court First Criminal Section: Wang Shunkui, Shao Liren, Zhang Yonghong, Zhang Yongru, Zhang Wanru and Xiu Mao