(Clearwisdom.net) My daughter goes to university in another city. She knows that Dafa is good. She has read Zhuan Falun and made a statement to quit the Young Pioneers. However, if I asked her to talk with her classmates about withdrawing from the CCP, she would say, "I would like to, but I don't know how to begin."

She called me yesterday and said, "Mom, today I got a call from an overseas practitioner! It was a voice recording about withdrawing from the CCP. I turned up the volume, and all of my classmates heard it. I used this opportunity to talk more about it with them. Some of them said they would like to withdraw. I will send their names to you." I said, "Okay. Try to talk more about the facts about Falun Gong with them. That would be the best." "I know. I will do that," my daughter answered.

Here I would like to tell overseas practitioners, "Thank you! Thank you, overseas practitioners, for the calls to explain the facts of the persecution!"

A fellow practitioner recently went to Changchun City to visit her relatives. When she spoke of the withdrawals from the CCP, she met a mayor from a township government. He agreed to withdraw after the practitioner had only said a few words. He also told her proudly that he had received a call from an overseas practitioner, Guan Guimin. They talked for quite a long time on the phone. Now the mayor knows the beauty of Dafa and how evil the CCP is.

Though we live in a dangerous environment, we are not alone. There are practitioners everywhere in the world. We cultivate the same Fa, though we live far away from each other. We are all Master's disciples, and all of us are offering salvation to sentient beings. When I think about this, I feel more honored!

September 18, 2007