(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhang Mengzhen was a Falun Dafa practitioner from Zhucheng City, Shandong Province. She was in her thirties and was the sole owner of a clothing shop. After she began practicing Falun Gong, her conduct became more truthful, simple, open and frank. When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began the persecution of Falun Dafa, Ms. Zhang went to Beijing to appeal three times. She was arrested and subjected to brutal persecution which caused her father to die from shock. Ms. Zhang was beaten many times by a policeman named Cao Jinhui. To defend herself, she made arguments based on strong reasoning and explained herself with goodwill and compassion. However, she subsequently suffered even more cruel torture from Cao. She was tortured to the point of being near-death. Her back, buttocks, and the inside of her thighs all turned purplish-black due to the torture. Ms. Zhang was secretly transferred to a cave in Shandongtou, Zhucheng City, to be persecuted more. On September 1, 2007, she rode a tricycle to Weifang to shop. On her way home, she died in a car accident, but the details of the incident are unclear.

Ms. Zhang Mengzhen

Over forty different organizations and over 200 people had a hand in the persecution of Ms. Zhang Mengzhen. They are listed here in order of sequence: The Weifang Office in Beijing, Zhucheng Mizhou Street Committee, Xinghua Road Local Police Station, Shandongtou Local Police Station, Zhucheng City Police Station, Mizhou Street Chengguan Local Police Station (manager Zhang Kai), Longdu Street Local Police Station (manager Guan Qingxi), Rizhao Office in Beijing, Rizhao Donggang Public Security Bureau, Rizhao Donggang Police Station, Shandongtou Local Police Station, Shandongtou Education Committee, Zhucheng City Police Station, Zhucheng City Public Security Bureau Detention Center, Ministry of Public Security, Tiananmen Square Local Police Station, Weifang Office in Beijing, Shandongtou Village Committee, Shandongtou Politics and Judiciary Committee, Shandongtou Education Committee, Water Conservation Station, Grain Supply Center, The Silkworm Station, Land Administration Center, Veterinary Station, Economic and Trade Committee (township clothing factory), Telecommunication Station, the hospital, Industry and Commerce Center, Birth Control Committee, Power Station, Cultural Station, Forestry Station, Broadcasting Station, Farm Technology Station, Tax Office, Finance Office, Judicature Office, the local police station, Economic Control Station, Farm Machinery Station, Appeals Office, Xinghua Road Local Police Station, Zhucheng City Police Station, Zhucheng City Committee, etc. (This list was written by Ms. Zhang before she was illegally arrested and taken to a forced labor camp.)

In September 1999, Ms. Zhang Mengzhen was illegally arrested for appealing for Falun Gong and subjected to torture by police officers led by Cao Jinhui at the Renming Road Local Police Station. Zhu Wei, Yuan Wei, Liu Minghua (female, in her forties, deputy director general of Mizhou Sub-bureau) and others savagely tortured her in succession. They beat her with rubber clubs. When they became tired, they used electric batons to torture her. At around midnight, on the night of the arrest, Cao Jinhui was drunk. With bloodshot eyes, Cao grabbed the hair of Ms. Zhang, who was shaking on floor from the torture. Cao viciously said, "I'll see if your mouth is tougher, or if my electric baton is tougher," and shoved the electric baton into her mouth and viciously shocked her.

On the afternoon of the next day, we saw Ms. Zhang in the detention center. Her face was swollen, her hair was disheveled and the hair beside her ears was matted with tears and blood. Her tongue was entirely stiff, and her mouth was burned and blistered from the electric shocks. Also, her gums were swollen and her teeth loosened. Her lips were so swollen that they turned outwards, and her hands and feet were swollen due to the police officers grinding them with their leather shoes. The index-finger nail on her right hand was distorted due to the torture and later fell off. Her knees were bruised severely due to being kicked. Her back, buttocks, and the inside of her thighs turned to a purplish-black color, and the associated pain prevented her from being able to turn over for a long time.

Personnel from the Zhucheng City Committee, the city government, the Zhucheng City Public Security Bureau, the former Shandongtou Village Party Committee, and the former Shandongtou Village Local Police Station together secretly set up a prison to detain and continuously persecute Ms. Zhang for 13 months. Ms. Zhang was sent to the Ministry of Public Security after the third appeal and was escorted to Zhucheng. She had to suffer through beatings by Cao Jinhui and others. They secretly detained her by herself for over 230 days in an empty ramshackle room in the Shandongtou Village Land Tax Office.

Ms. Zhang held a hunger strike to protest the illegal persecution, but she was force-fed barbarically. These force-feedings were instigated by a group of evildoers headed by police officer Zhang Zibo. Zhang Zibo ordered a group of ferocious evildoers to force Ms. Zhang, who was extremely emaciated, down to the floor. They stepped on both of her legs, both hands, and both arms, and police officer Zhang Zibo pulled her hair while others squeezed and pulled at her nose. Ms. Zhang refused to cooperate so Zhang Zibo said, "You close your teeth so tightly and we will not force-feed you from your mouth, but from your nose." While he was saying that, the evildoers inserted a rubber tube as thick as a thumb into her nose and forced it down into her stomach. Not much food was going in but Ms. Zhang's nose and mouth started to bleed so the policemen had to give up.

Policeman Zhang Zibo snarled at Ms. Zhang, who was close to fainting from the torture. Zhang Zibo yelled to her, "It is amusing to force-feed you because if you do not eat tomorrow, we'll force-feed you again. If you feel uncomfortable, then you should quickly eat and save our efforts in force-feeding you again." He then walked away.

Ms. Zhang could not stop vomiting and her whole body was soaked with food, vomit, phlegm and blood. She was in extreme pain, and her internal organs felt as if they were on fire. While she was in so much pain, she accidentally bumped her head against a wall and lost consciousness. After she woke up, she was surrounded by a group of people and heard, "that she would be taken care of..." Zhang Zibo came in and said, "Zhang Mengzhen, the force-feedings were humanitarian acts in consideration for your life. You did not look at the bright side, it is irrelevant to me if you die ten times over. I will still have my job as a police officer, get my wage, and go to work. The top CCP officials ordered that Falun Gong practitioners can be tortured to death because it is counted as suicide. No one will be affected because my family and relatives are also officials in the city committee, the city government, the public security bureau, the provincial committee, and the High Court, etc. If I didn't have such a strong background, I wouldn't be able to be a police officer nor would I dare say this to you. If you do not believe me, you can just die where you sit."

After three instances of brutal persecution, Ms. Zhang realized that those who cruelly persecute are often the scrum of society or want to raise their status through the persecution of others. In the year 2000, she said that she wanted to collect evidence of the persecutors' crimes and their evildoings to expose them. Some righteous people helped in secret and they quickly collected much evidence. They distributed their findings in Zhucheng, which caused the evildoers to become frightened. However, the party members did not repent for their crimes and instead took their aggression out on Ms. Zhang. They arrested her again and tortured her more brutally than before. The evildoers wanted to know who provided the information about their corruption, lavish meals, lavish parties, and the intrigues that they had against one another. It is said that Ms. Zhang fainted many times from their torture but she said nothing.

Later, Ms. Zhang was sentenced to three years of forced labor, was subjected to persecution in the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp, and was interrogated many times in Wangcun.

After Ms. Zhang returned home from the labor camp in 2004, she had an unstable life but never wavered in her steadfast faith in Dafa. She did not stop exposing the persecution for even a moment. Around this time, the CCP officials made grumblings about arresting her but did not succeed.