(Clearwisdom.net) Xiang Jianzhong, famous for his cruelty, was the head of a team at the Shanghai No.3 Forced Labor Camp. He, along with guards Gao Jinlin and Chen Jiangong, continuously enforced the mental and physical torture of imprisoned practitioners.

Guard Xiang Jianzhong personally oversaw the torture of practitioner Geng Zhaojun who was steadfast in his belief. Xiang Jianzhong forced him to stand still the whole day, except for three or four hours sleep. After 44 days, Mr. Geng's legs were swollen and blood vessels appeared. He could not have bowel movements.

In summer, the food served was often spoiled. Practitioner Fa Zhengping reminded the canteen to pay attention to proper food handling practices. But Xiang Jianzhong used this as an excuse to call a team meeting, where he accused Fa Zhengping of cooperating with Falun Dafa practitioners overseas in revealing the evil nature of the camp and inciting others to riot. He confined Mr. Fa in a small cell after the meeting.

Xiang Jianzhong also directly ordered team head Gao Jinlin to abuse practitioners Zhang Yiming, Wang Wei, Du Zhilong, Wang Jiahua and Wu Tengpeng. Because Zhang Yiming was steadfast in his belief he was forced to stand still for a long periods of time. Zhang Yiming was seriously hurt, both mentally and physically.

When their efforts to "transform" these practitioners did not succeed, Xiang Jianzhong kept requesting instructions from his superiors and asked them to send in some "convicted killers" to carry out the torture on Falun Dafa practitioners. In March 2007, he transferred three sub-team heads--Zeng Lei, Zhao Wenyi, and Huang Delin--because they were not cruel enough. He then brought in Li Dongbing, head Ma, and head Xu to launch a new round of torture.

Guards instructed criminal inmates to monitor practitioners and left them alone with these convicts to be abused and insulted endlessly. Everyday, they attempted to brainwash practitioners and forced them to watch videos slandering Dafa. They were coerced into writing down their feelings. In addition, practitioners were forced to do almost all the cleaning in the camp.

If a practitioner did not "transform" according to a guard's expectations, the guard would harass and torture the person for long periods of time. The practitioners would be forced to face the wall and stand still. They were not allowed to sleep, were beaten with electric batons, and locked in small cells. Practitioner Wang Wei, associate professor of the Fudan University Business School in Shanghai, was forced to stand still for long periods of time and locked in a small cell. When he was released after being held for 20 days, he was "skin and bones" due to the brutal torture.

The guards encouraged criminal inmates to torture practitioners by promising them an early release. Those who cooperated were Zhou Huajian, Dong Guojun, Li Caixi, Jia Heng'an, and Zhang Bingsheng.

The guards also tried many ways to fabricate "transformed" cases to fulfill their quotas, in hopes of advancement. In June 2007, Xiang Jianzhong was promoted due to his persecuting practitioners. Hong Congrong took his position. Hong Congrong was a team head at Dafeng Farm of Shanghai No.3 Forced Labor Camp in 2001. He was in charge of persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners.

October 4, 2007