(Clearwisdom.net) Only Dafa practitioners are able to experience the incomparable joy and honor of being disciples of our great Master. All practitioners are following Master's teachings and are diligently accomplishing the three things requested of us for saving people in this world as soon as possible.

I understand from Master's Fa that in the vast universe, every huge universal body has innumerable high level lives. These lives have gods' almighty powers and can see through everything within the three realms. Still, these lives dared to descend to the three realms to provide a helping hand during the Fa-rectification. They believed firmly that the Fa-rectification would succeed and that Dafa could certainly rescue them. However, many lives were unfortunately blocked by the old forces and were lost and were left confused in the three realms. Some of them even committed crimes against Dafa and Dafa practitioners. These beings' true selves are in extreme danger.

Facing all this as the Fa-rectification is approaching, how can our practitioners sit quietly and do nothing? How could we seek an easy, comfortable and relaxing life instead of swiftly trying to rescue these beings? Rescuing these beings is the greatest mission and the most significant thing for practitioners during the Fa-rectification period. Saving these lives that came from high levels is the most important thing at the present time for every practitioner.

Master taught us clearly in the "Fa Teaching at the U.S. Capital," on July 22, 2007, that:

"The focus for you right now is simply to find ways to do better, to be more efficient, to have a greater impact, and to save more people."

In the same lecture, He also told us:

"Aside from what you as individuals need to go through and establish on your final road to Consummation, what is most is important for you and most significant right now is to save people."

I have written out my experiences to share with fellow practitioners with the hope that we can learn from each other. Fellow practitioners, please compassionately correct me if there are any mistakes.

I am in a good financial situation and I have frequently traveled to many places by airplane, ship and by car. Each time during a journey, no matter how far I may go in my car, I will always carry Falun Dafa truth clarification materials with me because I interact with road crews, environmental protection workers, and landscaping workers. When I visit scenic spots and historical sites, mountains, rivers, and lakes, I will simply let the people walking beside me know the greatness of Falun Dafa. I also will leave the truth-clarification materials in the kiosks and booths. I will put them in donation boxes, place them along scenic trails, post them on bridge handrails, place them on pillars and noticeable walls, or place them in the middle of a trail where tourists go hiking. When I go to parks, I will place Dafa messages on every entertainment device and exercise machine. When I use all-terrain recreational vehicles for visiting various places, I never forget to bring truth-clarification materials to every road, trail, or to villages in the distance under the snow-white clouds. Whenever I visit relatives and friends, I will never forget to clarify the truth to them and urge them to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Usually, I will have various truth-clarification materials ready in my bag. While walking, I will conveniently put the materials in bicycle baskets, the compartments of vehicles and onto vehicle's windshields.

I usually take advantage of the convenience that is provided to me by owning a supermarket, a boarding house and an entire company. I have given copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and other materials to my business partners, colleagues, employees and customers. I also will place truth-clarification materials on desks and inside light stands in the various rooms of the boarding house in order to provide people with easy access to read them. I will also store truth-clarification materials in the filing cabinet. When customers checkout at the supermarket, I will give materials to them to take home for their relatives and friends to read. In order to facilitate clarifying the truth, I have placed a circle of sofas in the supermarket so that passing customers can sit down and chat with me for while. I never miss a chance to clarify the truth to them. Although every time I repeat the same message, the listeners are different people. Since it is on my property, they will listen to me very seriously and often are suddenly enlightened. Afterwards, they will nod their heads in agreement. Finally, they usually happily want to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliates.

I also accept party invitations and attend different gatherings. Through these activities, I have spread the truth more deeply and broadly to people in different layers of society and in different industries. For instance, when I go to a wealthy bathhouse, there are different people each time I go there. In that wealthy and comfortable environment, when I clarify the truth to these people and urge them to withdraw from the CCP, the results are very good. Sometimes, I will invite friends to visit recreation areas so that when I clarify the truth, the people around us will also listen. I noticed that people around us sometimes stop playing chess, cards and games and concentrate on listening to us quietly. I generally will act according to the specific atmosphere to look for an opportunity to clarify the truth. Even when I tell jokes, I will follow it by clarifying the truth by changing the subject to truth-clarification. For the people who are more interested, I explain the truth to them very seriously and with more depth. I will also frequently go to different beauty salons and barber shops to clarify the truth to different hairstylists quietly and peacefully. I also try to find different ways to clarify the truth to the elite members of society. I have persuaded around 990f the people from this elite sector of society that I've contacted to quit the CCP.

I have easily done all of this well because of Master's merciful protection and with Dafa's mighty power. I have only complied with the requests from the Fa to do this. My family members' understanding, support, and righteous actions also are very helpful.

I have written down these experiences today to encourage fellow practitioners in a similar situation to utilize our high level positions to rescue people urgently. Simultaneously, I also hope wealthy fellow practitioners will be generous in their efforts to save people. All of what we have is provided to us by Dafa and it was prepared for us to validate the Fa and save people at this critical time in history.

Today, I have the courage to write this because I feel that time is urgent and that this responsibility is heavy. Thus, I hope to connect with practitioners from all over the world and save people together with our abilities to completely fulfill our special mission during the Fa-rectification period. We should all do this because of Master's graciousness and mercy towards us.