(Clearwisdom.net) Although I have been cultivating for many years, I am still plagued by a sense of being wronged. It is getting weaker but remnants still remain. I feel wronged when my personal interests are lost, or I have hardships, or I do not do well in certain areas, or the outcomes of things differ from my expectation, or when someone has a different opinion from me, or when other people criticize me. As cultivators, we should keep a sober mind and not be affected by ordinary human notions. So why do I feel wronged so often? What is behind it? I think I should understand it and get rid of it at its root.

I enlightened from studying the Fa that a human mentality is behind a sense of being wronged. For example, ordinary people believe that it's a good thing to have an easy life and bad thing to suffer and that it's a good thing to be happy and a bad thing to be unhappy. It's good to receive praise and bad to get criticism. It's good to see a project completed and bad if it's incomplete. In addition, when relying on this mentality, there is an unwillingness to change oneself and a desire to do things according to one's own abilities instead of according to the Fa's standard. The root cause is selfishness.

When I studied Teacher's article "To the Midwest Fa Conference in Minnesota", I was very ashamed. Teacher keeps telling us,

"Dafa disciples' cultivation is not merely for the sake of individual Consummation. Doing well at the three tasks of Dafa disciples and saving sentient beings are things Dafa disciples must do."

At this point, all Dafa disciples are doing all they can to save sentient beings and put an end to the persecution with righteous thoughts. There is so little time. How do we have time to feel this sense of being wronged? I believe that if we study the Fa more, and become more diligent, our human mentality will disappear and it will be replaced with compassion and the true state of a god.