(Clearwisdom.net) I have gained experience in clarifying the truth face to face over the past few years. When addressing the decline in moral standards I went straight to the point. At the same time I was not pointing fingers and honing in on some specific issue.

When making conversation, I just pick some topics, such as:

"Nowadays, Chinese people are leading very tiring lives. No longer can we rely on anyone or have trust in anything. Corrupt and greedy government officials are everywhere. They are leading even more tiring lives. They dare not deposit embezzled money in China, so they send it overseas and arrange for their children to live abroad. This is because they are aware that today they are in power and tomorrow they might be imprisoned because of the power struggle amongst interest groups. Doctors no longer hold high professional standards. They exploit those with sickness and gain from the suffering of ordinary people. They take human lives very lightly, and can even profiteer by harvesting organs from live, healthy and good people who practice 'Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance.' Teachers are supposed to bring knowledge to their students. Because of greed, they sleep during class time because they tutor students after school, as they can charge exorbitant prices. Although in China there is a one-child rule, one is broke after sending only the one child to college. The quality of life has deteriorated with the decline of moral standards. Every year the government announces that it will go after those who make fake products. Yet, the more they try to resolve this issue, the more fake goods are produced. In the end there is no one worth trusting. As the rich become richer and the poor become poorer, more and more people are taking a chance and committing crimes. Every one lives in fear, people have lost their sense of security, and so on."

I begin with a topic similar to the above, so everyone can share their opinion of today's society and what they experience on a day-to-day basis. This approach is not meant to get people to talk about a specific bad incident, have them point fingers, curse or feel helpless and pained. What I try to accomplish is to let people understand that this vicious cycle is caused by the destruction of traditional culture. We are the proud descendants of the Yellow Emperor, the sons and daughters of the Divine Land, who were given their culture by gods, who were leaders and honored in the old days. But we foolishly bowed to the evil spirit of Marxism and Leninism, as if they were our ancestors. We see as truth the violent culture that slanders gods and Buddhas and blindly vow to sacrifice our lives to it with absolute obedience. This culture brings violence into this world in an effort to overturn and destroy the old world. This culture encourages rebellion. The philosophy of the communist party is the philosophy of struggle. It struggles with heaven, with earth, and gets great enjoyment in promoting struggle amongst the people. The "old world" referred to here is in fact the traditional culture passed down by gods, and that formed the foundation of the human world. The entire world has now seen the endless disaster caused by the communist culture.

I continue and talk about how the theories of Marx and Engels, the practices of Lenin and Stalin, the so-called "advancements" made by Mao were only to establish the theory of killing. Lenin and Stalin's theories killed over 20 million people in Russia. Mao killed 80 million Chinese people. The evil spirit uses torture and killing to enforce changes in society and makes people believe that this is how society should be. The ultimate purpose is to cause total destruction of the human world. In this culture, the one who is the most evil will have the most power and wealth. Whoever is the most kind is the target for persecution. The heavenly rule of retribution is being overshadowed by the spread of the evil. People who are righteous and dare to speak the truth and those who are respected by many are tortured to death during the Chinese Communist Party movements.

I explain how people do not believe in anything. They don't believe in the heavenly rule. Yet, heavenly rules are forever heavenly rules. Why have so many countries abolished communism, one after the other? This is heaven's will! It can't be any other way. Gods showed people in those countries the evil nature of communism and the harm it was bringing to humankind. Today, the wave of quitting the Communist Party, the Youth League and the Young Pioneers is sweeping across China. China will also enter a state where there is no Communist Party.

I make reference to a democratic society, where, when the President commits a crime, the people can impeach him. They can also demonstrate and force him to step down. In the long run, he will have to step down when the people demand it. On the other hand, communist culture worships dictatorship. There are no checks and balances. Government officials can do whatever they want, while ordinary people cannot live a normal life. Now, gods have ordained that they will dissolve this communist culture to prevent it from continuing to endanger the human world. This is to save all the Chinese people. This is the biggest compassion of gods towards the Chinese people. God wants the Chinese people to be truly released from this evil culture, so as to welcome the renaissance of the divine culture, and let the land of the Middle Kingdom return.

While clarifying the truth, sometimes I sometimes mention how Chinese divine culture was imparted by the gods. When I speak of this, I find that people listen attentively. They feel the purity in our hearts, and establishes genuine respect for Falun Dafa. Thus, they can accept the truth and understand the purpose of quitting the Communist Party, the Youth League and the Young Pioneers.