(Clearwisdom.net) In interpersonal relationships, when people look down on us or talk behind our back or say bad words, it is an obvious indication that we need to do well in cultivation. It targets our human notions, and presents opportunities to improve ourselves.

This, however, is not so clear-cut during interactions with fellow practitioners. For example, say that one day you suddenly find that a practitioner whom you had always trusted and thought to be worthy had criticized you behind your back. You discovered that a practitioner whom you see every day and with whom you had been very open and honest, and with whom you shared your views and thoughts openly had frequently lied to you. She had even hidden insignificant things from you. When you compassionately pointed out a fellow practitioner's shortcomings, the other party did not take it to heart and even showed displeasure. Perhaps you had some suggestions you thought were good for Fa-rectification, but certain practitioners thought otherwise. Perhaps...

What should one do when encountering such incidents? Actually, many practitioners are aware that they are usually tolerant toward everyday people, but tend to be less forgiving with fellow practitioners. Why is this? I think it could be because we contemplate, "You are also a practitioner. How could you be like this? You should be strict with yourself. Even if I do something wrong, you should be forgiving toward me." In other words, we have higher expectations of fellow practitioners and forget that they also live among everyday people. Although they have cultivated well in certain areas, there are still things they have not cultivated away, and these things may show up.

Some practitioners could not resolve interpersonal conflicts amongst themselves for extended periods of time. Sometimes the coordinators themselves would lack tolerance among themselves. The conflicts thus became aggravated and increased. The loop-holes also became bigger, thus the evil could make use of them, which brought losses for Dafa and painful lessons for practitioners.

Why were we so indignant? Why did we have resentment? Why did we have hatred in our hearts? Why did we feel bullied? Why can't we be more forgiving? Why did we show displeasure? Why did we find it hard to forget the conflicts? Why...?

If we took a step back and looked, we would see that it was our "notions" that had been hurt. All notions in the human mind are based on "sentimentality," and it was this that was hurt. Sentimentality can easily result in hurt, while "compassion" can never bring this result. Sentimentality is a low-level element in the Three Realms, and we must eventually eliminate it. We are, after all, Dafa practitioners who will eventually reach Consummation at a high cosmic level, and who will be masters in the cosmos. So this is to say, that the things that were hurt were not at all ourselves, they are precisely what we need to eliminate. Since this is so, why are we still bearing grudges?

If our hearts are moved, then it must be because of sentimentality. How should we then deal with it in the future--when our hearts are uneasy and we feel hurt? Isn't this an opportunity to raise our xinxing level? We should have a light and easygoing mindset. With such a serene state of mind, we can better offer salvation to sentient beings. This is the most important task now!