(Clearwisdom.net) Those responsible for perpetrating the persecution in Guangan City held brainwashing sessions again. On August 6, 2007, Guangan City 610 Office personnel and officers of the National Security Team began to monitor and follow practitioners in Wusheng County at their workplaces and homes at set times. At around 3:00 a.m. on September 6, police officers Xia Zhongming, Chen Zhiping, and Lin Chen from the National Security Team in Wusheng County broke into practitioners' homes and ransacked them. Some practitioners did not open their doors, so the police destroyed the security gates, broke into the practitioners' homes, and arrested them.

It was verified that the practitioners arrested in Wusheng County were: Ms. Liu Yougui, 63; Ms. Liu Gaoju, 68; Mr. Yu Jianming, in her 40s; Doctor Ms. Cai, in her 70s; Ms. Huang Chaofeng, in her 60s; Ms. Yu, in her 60s; and Ms. Duan Shiying, in her 60s. The policemen arrested these practitioners late at night and refused to let their families contact them. Therefore, we are not sure exactly how many practitioners were arrested, but it is estimated that there were a dozen arrests. They were taken to the Huaying City Brainwashing Center.

Guangan Brainwashing Center was established in July 2000. Up to the end of 2005, over the past five years, those in charge have been cruelly persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. In particular, they established a satellite brainwashing center in the old Armed Forces Department in Hongxing 3 Road, Huaying City. Since then they have continued to arrest practitioners and take them to the satellite brainwashing center to persecute them.

This article details the chronological facts of the cruel persecution of practitioners at Guangan Brainwashing Center from 2000 to the end of 2005.

The brainwashing center was supported by the Guangan City Government and organized by the Guangan City 610 Office. Those responsible include Guangan City 610 Office Head Xiong Changyong, Huangying City Politics Section Head (former Huaying City 610 Office Head) Lai Yupu, Brainwashing Center Secretary Yu Xiaofu, and Wang Xianlai.

The individuals responsible for persecuting the practitioners are Guangan City Deputy Mayor (former City Political & Judiciary Committee Secretary) Yu Yi and Guangan City 610 Office officer Su Cuihua, who went to the brainwashing center on weekdays and gave orders to persecute practitioners. They used a variety of means to torture the practitioners, including beatings, forming a circle to beat a practitioner, and other forms of ill treatment. Furthermore, they injected healthy practitioners with drug(s) typically used for mental patients. They also put drugs into practitioners' food.

The individuals in charge at the brainwashing center detained the practitioners and brainwashed them. The names, addresses and work units of those in charge were never publicized or posted. Those who participated in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners were given an eight-day holiday per month, and they took turns going to Huaying City to have fun at noon or in the evenings. Beyond their salary, each person got an allowance of 600 yuan. Their bus fares and cruise fares would be reimbursed, and many work units, villages, and towns invited them to dinner. The funds for the brainwashing center came from the arrested practitioners and their work units, villages and/or towns that the practitioners lived in. The village government where each practitioner lived has to pay 8,400 yuan to the 610 Office, including 600 yuan for each perpetrator and 800 yuan for each practitioner per month. Each brainwashing term was about three months.

Because they obtained personal gain and rewards, the perpetrators exerted even more effort to plan to hold the next brainwashing session before the current brainwashing session ended.

Some Facts of the Persecution at the Guangan City Satellite Brainwashing Center Located in the Old Armed Forces Department of Huaying City

The Persecution of Practitioner Yang Linxin

On September 2, 2004, Yan Jianguo from the brainwashing center noticed that practitioner Yang Linxin did not watch the video that slandered Dafa, so he ordered security guard Zheng Ce to force Yang Linxin to watch. When Yang Linxin's refused to obey Zheng Ce, Zheng Ce brutally beat Yang Linxin on the face and asked, "Won't you watch? Won't you watch?" Yang Linxin shouted, "Someone is beating me." Hearing the yelling, guard Cao Shan and other guards rushed into the room and shouted, "Beat him!" They all savagely beat Yang Linxin, and he was knocked down as a result. As they beat him they shouted, "You still dare to shout. We will beat you to death." Yang Linxin was beaten until he was unable to eat or stand up straight. His face was swollen and his chest was covered with bruises. Zheng Ce also said, "Guangan City 610 Office Head Xiong Changyong ordered us to beat you. Brainwashing Center Secretary Yu Xiaofu said that you Falun Gong practitioners have no rights at all."

Guangan City Practitioner Li Dayuan Was Severely Injured

Practitioner Li Dayuan was separately held on the 4th floor, and five guards attempted to "transform" him. These five guards included two from Linshui County, Cao Shan and Liang from Wusheng County, and Tang Xuebing from Huaying City. They were chosen by the brainwashing center as the most vicious they could find. They tried to force the practitioners to watch the video and write down their understandings and the Three Statements. If the practitioners refused to obey their orders, they would beat them mercilessly and still try to coerce them to renounce their belief. They took turns torturing the practitioners mentally and physically. When they were tired, they drew a circle and ordered Li Dayuan to stand in the circle. They refused to let him squat, sleep, or go to the toilet. They used various methods to try to "transform" the practitioners. Their slogan was, "If you would like to 'transform,' you will 'transform.' If you refuse to 'transform,' you must 'transform.'" This 24-hour nonstop torture made Li Dayuan emaciated and unable to get up off the ground. Despite this, they still beat and trampled him. As a result, he was severely injured.

In June 2005 Guangan City 610 Office personnel held another brainwashing session. The following were some of the arrested practitioners: Zhang Congyuan, Du Pingsheng, Li Dayuan, Wang Yan, Wang Shiying, Liu Mingqing, Luo Hongqin, Zhou Kelian, Zhou Shidi, Li Zhenghai, Qu Zhenqing, Ni Yuee, Duan Hua, Zheng Lingfeng, Tan Debi, and Zhang Lin. The practitioners suffered cruel persecution during their detention.

Approximately 60 perpetrators participating in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in the brainwashing center. They were young cadres from Wusheng County, Huaying City, Linshui County, Yuechi County, and Guangan City. Three of them, including one group leader and two education guards, took turns torturing a single practitioner. The group leader was usually male, and two education guards slept in a seven- or eight-square-meter cell along with the practitioner. Even when the practitioner went to the toilet, the two education guards followed him. However hot it was, the practitioners were detained in the cell and were not allowed to go out. Each cell was locked. At night when the practitioners wanted to go to the toilet, they had to ask the guards to open the door. The guards took meals to the practitioners. However, whether or not they took the meals depended on their mood. If they thought that the practitioners conformed to their standards, they would take a little more; otherwise, they took very little. The practitioners were forced to clean up inside and outside the cell.

Guangan City Weather Bureau Employee Luo Hongqin Persecuted

Luo Hongqin, an employee of Guangan City Weather Bureau, was severely persecuted by the local 610 Office and those at his workplace because of his practicing Falun Gong. He was illegally sentenced to forced labor and detained in the brainwashing center and in psychiatric hospitals. They changed his position at work and arbitrarily deducted a total of 20,000 yuan from his salary.

In 2001 Jiang Zemin's regime fabricated the staged "Tiananmen Square Self-immolation" incident to slander Falun Gong. In order to expose the lies, Luo Hongqin went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. He clarified the facts of Falun Gong to people on Tiananmen Square, and he was arrested as a result. After an eight-month detention in Guangan Detention Center, he was sentenced to two years of forced labor.

Luo Hongqin went back to his workplace in June 2002. Guangan City 610 Office officer Su Cuihua (female) incited Weather Bureau officers to monitor Luo Hongqin. In order to defame his reputation and bankrupt him financially, his work unit head, Zhang Tiejun, changed his status of a technology position to that of an odd-job worker and reduced his salary by three grades. In 2003 Luo Hongqin was taken to Huaying Brainwashing Center in Guangan City and 4,800 yuan was arbitrarily deducted from his salary. In 2004 Li Yangfu became the head of Guangan City Weather Bureau. Luo Hongqin was then taken to Huaying Brainwashing Center again, and a total of 17,600 yuan was deducted from his salary. In 2005 when Chen Wen became the head of his work unit, he was taken to the Huaying Brainwashing Center again. They deducted 4,000 yuan from his salary. Over the past few years a total of 20,000 yuan has been arbitrarily deducted from Luo Hongqin's salary, not including the deducted salary during his detention at the forced labor camp.

In early 2005, Zhang Tiejun led officers Xiao Bai, Lao Qiao, and Jiang Guorun from the police station and street administrative office to break into Luo Hongqin's home and ransack it. They got nothing that they wanted, so they arrested Luo Hongqin and took him to the office to detain him.

Each time a brainwashing session was held, the authorities took Luo Hongqin to the brainwashing center. On June 13, 2005, when Luo Hogqin was working, they took him from Bureau Head Chen Wen's office to the Huaying Detention Center. They used threats and intimidation to try to force Luo Hongqin to write down the so-called Guarantee Statement. Luo Hongqin said, "I will never 'transform.' It is not wrong for me to be a good person according to the principles of 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance.' It is you who are violating the law." Zhang Xiaopeng and the others beat him and used sticks to torture him. They also tried to force Mr. Luo to watch the video and read a paper that slandered Falun Gong. Luo Hongqin refused to slander Master and Dafa and tore up the paper. As a result, they forced him into an empty room and savagely beat him. Mr. Luo endured the pain and shouted, "Falun Dafa is good! Zhen-Shan-Ren is good!"

They also put drugs into his food. Because Mr. Luo did not give up his belief, they took him to the Guangan Psychiatric Hospital. Doctor Yuan Chunqiang from the psychiatric hospital spread a rumor to the other doctors and nurses. He said Luo Hongqin had been insane for seven or eight years. In this way they tortured him for over four months.

The Persecution Facts of 65-year-old practitioner Li Zhenghai from Lushi Town, Huaying City

Mr. Li Zhenghai, 65, lived in the 5th Division, Dapolao Village, Lushi Town, Huaying City. Because Mr. Li Zhenghai persevered in practicing Falun Gong, agents from the 610 Office and police station ransacked his home and took him to the detention center and brainwashing center many times, for a total of over three years detention. The following is just one of his experiences.

On June 13, 2005, Mr. Li Zhenghai went to the market in Lushi Town. At around 11:00 a.m., Township 610 Office Secretary Tang assigned Li Yu and Zhou Xiaoping to arrest Li Zhenghai. They then directly took him to the Huaying Brainwashing Center in Guangan City. Education guard Xu Zhong (aged 30 or so) attempted to brainwash Mr. Li. He slandered Falun Gong, and other guards followed him. Mr. Li clarified the facts about Falun Gong and explained why practitioners distributed the flyers and the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party," and he persuaded them to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations.

On June 20, because Mr. Li Zhenghai refused to renounce Falun Gong, those in charge began to beat him. One day guard Xu Zhong said to Mr. Li, "Today you must write the Guarantee Statement to give up Falun Gong." Mr. Li then wrote a different guarantee: "Steadfastly practicing Falun Gong, Falun Dafa is good. Zhen-Shan-Ren is good." After reading his guarantee, Xu Zhong tried to make Mr. Li to stand, but Mr. Li refused, so Xu Zhong stomped on Mr. Li's feet, injuring them. Xu Zhong beat Mr. Li on the back and legs with a metal clothes rack. As a result of this attack, Mr. Li's back and legs were severely injured.

Education guard Zhang Chunhong, in his 20s, was an employee of the Lushi Town Birth Control Office. When he heard Li Zhenghai shout, "Falun Dafa is good" and saw Mr. Li's statement that he would steadfastly practice Falun Gong, he kicked Mr. Li so hard that Mr. Li fell down on the bed. As soon as he stood up again, the Zhang violently beat Mr. Li on the chest, back, and face. Mr. Li's eyes turned blue and purple, and his teeth became loose. Zhang Chunhong also said angrily, "If you do not 'transform' I will make your life a living death." Zhang Chunhong often forced Mr. Li to stand for half a day and did not allow him to sleep until after 3:00 a.m. the next day. In addition, he reduced Mr. Li's food and refused to let him go to the toilet.

In early September 2005 two new perpetrators (their names are unknown) appeared to attempt to "transform" Mr. Li. One of them said, "As for Falun Gong, the CCP will wipe out the whole lot." He forced Mr. Li to take off his shoes and stand on the floor with his bare feet. Then he stomped on Mr. Li's feet. Once he told Zhang Chunhong to beat Mr. Li, and Li Zhenghai's ears were injured.

Finally, Guangan City People's Hospital assigned doctors to the brainwashing center. They regarded the practitioners as patients with psychosis and forced them to sign and fingerprint the paper. Mr. Li Zhenghai was injected with drugs typically used for psychosis. The guards at the brainwashing center signed the paper and several personnel pressed the practitioners' fingers onto the paper. The psychiatric hospital contract stated: "Use electro-therapeutics and take no responsibility for death."

The Persecution of Practitioner Ms. Wang Yan from Xiexing Town, Guangan City

Wang Zhengjun beat Ms. Wang Yan black and blue with bamboo from June 16, 2005, to July 12, 2005. He also slapped her on her ears, and her ears bled. She became deaf for a month as a result. Zhang Xiaopeng grabbed Ms. Wang by the hair, pushed her against the wall and shoved her to the ground. On September 21 Zhang Xiaopeng ordered others to pry Ms. Wang's mouth open with chopsticks to force-feed her with drugs. They claimed that they wanted to make Ms. Wang Yan insane. Ms. Wang's teeth became loose and the chopsticks were covered with blood. Ms. Wang Yan persevered in her practice, so they forcibly injected her with an unknown drug. They claimed they would make Ms. Wang psychotic so that they could take her to the psychiatric hospital. After injecting the drug, they tried to force her fingers onto a paper printed at the in-patient department of the psychiatric hospital. Ms. Wang Yan refused to cooperate, so Li Shunying beat Ms. Wang with sticks and kicked her and beat her in the mouth. There were 13 scars on Ms. Wang's body. Wen Zizhen refused to let Ms. Wang sleep from August 25 to 27 and forced her to lift her arms for eight hours. As soon Ms. Wang put down her arms, they would beat her with sticks and pinch the backs of her hands with their nails. From midnight on September 7 until the 10th, they gave her only half a bowl of rice. From September 7 to the 26th, Ms. Wang Yan was hungry. After her release, her family said that she was almost unrecognizable due to the torture.

Ms. Wang Yan was beaten many times. Her head and back were severely injured. They even injected her with poisonous drugs and put them into her food. According to an eyewitness, due to the cruel persecution, Ms. Wang was injured mentally and had sequela.

On the morning of September 20, Ms. Wang heard a loud sound from the next room like a person struggling. After a while, head Yu Xiaofu and the doctor, who was in charge of injecting drugs, said that a young man, Zeng, was injected with too much and soon spat out white foam. Several people held the young man down and injected him. During the struggle needle broke off in his body. They said he would probably die and that they had taken him to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Another practitioner, Ms. Wang Shiying, was beaten twice. She was forced to stand in the corner of the door and not allowed to eat. Eight men savagely beat her and kicked her in the stomach and private parts. They brutally beat her on the head and back with leather belts. A belt was broken into several pieces in the process. They tried to force her to give up her belief. After beating her, they took her to Guangan Psychiatric Hospital.

Practitioner Ms. Zhang Congyuan, a retired employee of Guangan Industry and Commerce Institute, was also taken to Guangan Psychiatric Hospital. She was sentenced to forced labor twice.

Mr. Chen Tingyao is an older practitioner. He was sentenced to forced labor. After his term of forced labor expired, they took him to the brainwashing center. At the forced labor camp, Mr. Chen's feet were injured. Because of his not giving up his belief, he was tortured.

Even the young guards said that if they stayed there for a long time, their feet would tremble when they walked. In addition, they also said that the brainwashing center looked like a cage and felt very depressing. Regardless of how much money they were paid, they would not want to stay there.

List of Additional Responsible Persons:

Guangan City 610 Office: 86-826-2334610 (Officer: Xiong Changyong; Head: Su Bihua, female)
Guangan City Police Department: 86-826-2332464, 86-826-2396351 (Head Hu Gang, Deputy Head Liu Mingchuan)
Guangan City National Security Team: 86-826-2332464 (Head Luo, Deputy Head Li Qiuyun)
Guangan District Police Department in Guangan City: 86-826-2222456
Guangan District Police Department Head He Gan
Guangan District Police Department Deputy Head Xu Bin
Guangan District 610 Office in Guangan City Head Zeng Aiguo
Guangan City New Detention Center: 86-826-5194019 (Head Li, Guard Liu)
Mayor Long Xingping (in charge of the police department): 86-826-4822817 (Office), 86-13982667788 (Cell)
City 610 Office Head Zhu Xiaofang: 86-826-4830570 (Office)
Huaying City Police Department Head Chen Yundong: 86-826-4827406-2028 (Office), 86-13699652666 (Cell)
Officer Zhang Liangjun (in charge of persecuting Falun Gong): 86-826-4827406-2046 (Office), 86-826-4803555 (Cell), 86-13608275333 (Cell), 86-826-4893206 (Home)
National Security Team Head Gao Zhiqiang: 86-826-4827406-2015 (Office), 86-13308289818 (Cell), 86-826-4808979 (Cell)
Huaying City Detention Center Head Tang Nengming: 86-826-4821141