(Clearwisdom.net) Around five o'clock in the morning on October 1, it was still dark when a group of police officers surrounded Falun Dafa practitioner Han Ling's home with a couple of police cars and broke into the home while he was still sleeping. The police searched the house of a dozen square meters but couldn't find what they called "evidence." Nevertheless, the police took Han Ling to a brainwashing center in the Wusongshan Hotel across the street from the bus depot.

On the same morning, one police officer cajoled another practitioner, Liu Fei, to open the door of his home. Then six officers, including Song Changhu and Wu Jun, broke into the home and searched every nook and cranny. Liu Fei's computer, MP4 player, and other items were taken. Li Fei was taken into custody and sent to the Tongling City Detention Center.

Mr. Han Ling is in his 30s and was an employee of the Hong'an Water Heater Factory of Tongling City. He went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa after July 20, 1999, but was arrested and sent to a forced labor camp. After he was released and returned home, he was fired by his employer. Thus, he has been collecting trash and looking for part-time jobs to make a living in the years since then. His older brother, Han Zhong, is also a practitioner and has been persecuted since 1999. Not long ago, he lost his left eye while being tortured in Nanhu Forced Labor Camp. Their parents and families have been harassed and frightened in the years since the persecution began in 1999.

Mr. Liu Fei is about 35 years old and lived in Yangjiashan Village of Tongling City. He was a repairman at the Public Transit General Company of Tongling City. His family has not been allowed to visit him since he was arrested.

About 11 o'clock in the morning on September 25, during the Moon Festival, several police officers broke into practitioner Guan Hongyou's home and searched it illegally. Even though his MP4 player contained no Falun Dafa information, and the police couldn't find any "evidence," they still arrested Mr. Guang and took him to the detention center.

Within a month, about 10 practitioners in the small city of Tongling have been taken into custody and had their homes illegally searched. Some were taken to the forced labor camp, some were taken to the brainwashing center, and the others are still in the detention center. Those who were taken to the brainwashing center are Kong Depei, Zhang Qingxiang, Yao Laping, Wang Yun, Jiao Zhizhong, Zhang Qingxiang, etc.

Location of the Brainwashing Center: Wusongshan Hotel, Tongling City, 57 Yi'anbei Road, 86-562-2111918, 86-562-2111902
Ni Ping, Manager of the Room Services Department, Wusongshan Hotel, Tongling City: 86-13705625396 (Cell)
Wu Ailian, Party Secretary of Politics and Laws, the Chinese Communist Party Committee of Tongling City: 86-562-5160066
Director of the Legal Bureau of Tongling City: jzyx@tlsf.gov.cn
Contact of the Legal Bureau of Tongling City: 86-562--2833319
Tongling City Detention Center: 86-562--2602333
Contact of Tongling City Police Station: 86-562--5823613