(Clearwisdom.net) At around 5pm on April 28, 2007, national security agent and police officer Yao Benxin from Xinhuang County, Hunan Province led national security police officer Cao, and Yang Fang (female), Yao Weilong from the Department of Rule by Law and Wu Yuanhua from the People's Hospital to the house of Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Gan Qiaoying. They asked Wu Yuanhua to trick Gan Qiaoying into opening the door.

Ms. Gan Qiaoying is 60 years old and a retiree of the People's Hospital of Xinhuang County. She didn't know there were police outside. She saw Wu Yuanhua, who she knew from work, and so opened the door. After she opened the door, Wu Yuanhua, Yao Benxin and the three people mentioned above broke in and abducted her. They took her to a detention center where Yao Benxin ordered her to sign the arrest warrant. She refused. Yao Benxin and another 5 or 6 police officers beat her feet and face, which immediately became swollen.

On June 4, Yao Benxin went to the detention center to get Gan Qiaoying's fingerprints and she again refused. Yao Benxin, Yang Rizhong and Liang grabbed Gan's fingers one by one and pressed them onto the warrant. Afterwards Yao Benxin beat Gan Qiaoying's face and made her face swollen again, causing disorder to her nervous system and she could not go to sleep.

On July 30, Xinhuang County 610 Office, National Security Bureau, Procuratorate and the court opened the courtroom in Xinhuang County court and held a so-called "sentencing" of Falun Dafa practitioner Gan Qiaoying. They didn't inform her family of the court proceedings. Gan Qiaoying clarified the truth to the Court and the so-called sentencing had to terminate hastily.

The officials from the 610 Office, National Security, court and Procuratorate know Falun Gong practitioners are good people, however, in order to get promoted and to get more money, they made up fake materials to report to the 610 Office, Procuratorate and Court of Hunan Province, and sentenced Gan Qiaoying to 3 years in prison. They detained her in the detention center first. It has been heard that she'll be sent to the Women's Prison in Changsha City, Hunan Province on October 7 and 8.

During the 8 years of persecution of Falun Dafa, Gan Qiaoying was illegally detained 5 times, sent to forced labor camps 3 times, and fined over 30,000 yuan by the 610 Office, National Security Bureau, Political Judiciary Committee of Xinhuang County. Her husband could not take the huge pressure from the 610 Office and National Security Bureau and divorced her. Their son has been harassed and threatened many times by the 610 Office and National Security Bureau.

Yang Qinglin, Political Judiciary Committee (responsible for persecuting Falun Gong)
Li Xinmin, 610 Office
Yao Benxin, National Security Team Lead: 86-745-6229393 (Home), 86-13974544061 (Cell)
Cao Riquan, National Security Agent: 86-745-6222847 (Home), 86-13874465698 (Cell)
Yang Fang, National Security Agent: 86-745-6229368 (Home), 86-13973073533 (Cell)
Yao Weilong, Police Station Rule by Law Department Director: 86-745-6227772 (Home), 86-13974521769
Hu Aiqiang: Assistant Attorney-general
Qi Xiuting: Procuratorate
Mao Yuejin: Presiding Judge
Yao Chunsheng: Court
Zou XX: Court
He Ping: Team Lead of Detention Center: 86-745-6226475 (Office), 86-745-6223858 (Home), 86-13874538555 (Cell)
Xiao Qin: female police officer of detention center: 86-745-6630678 (Home), 86-13762920068 (Cell)