(Clearwisdom.net) I became a Falun Gong practitioner at the end of 1998. The first day I had planned to learn Falun Gong I awoke at 5:00 a.m. and immediately went to the practice site. When I did the practice that morning I was thrilled. It was a kind of wonderful feeling that I had never experienced before. For more than 20 years prior to that I had many kinds of illnesses. My heart disease had become the worst it had ever been. I was fortunate to begin Dafa practice. I firmly believe that through Dafa cultivation people can return to their original, true selves. Master will lead His disciples home.

After July 20, 1999, when the Communist regime began the persecution of Falun Gong, fellow practitioners and I went on to distribute flyers to explain the facts about the persecution. At the time, we did not have a printing center as we do today, so I went to a copy shop. Fellow practitioners were quite surprised when I returned with the flyers. They said that all the copy shops were being monitored, and they were forbidden to copy anything related to Falun Gong. They wondered how I made copies. I told them that I only thought that Falun Dafa is so great, and I was trying to offer salvation to sentient beings. I had no fear; therefore I was able to copy. Everyone smiled and agreed.

Recalling this, I knew that was Master's protection and the effect of righteous thoughts. The thinking based on the Fa, not on human notions, made all the difference. Had I worried about my own safety, about the evils possibly attacking, and that the shop might deny me, the result could have been completely opposite. Later I also wrote letters to government agencies, telling them how Falun Gong teaches people to be good and moral. I also wrote by hand many letters and sent them out to people.

But I also had negative experiences and lessons to be learned. My human mentality and attachments caused damage. Fa study lets me find the places where I often read Master's emphasis on Fa study. Master's said in "Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Europe:"

"You must put your mind to studying the Fa. Read the book and study the Fa. Read the book and study the Fa. Almost every time when I'm teaching the Fa I painstakingly tell you to read the book, read the book, and read the book. As long as you read the book you will attain things better than you'd expect."

The Fa is in the books, and the Fa contains everything you need in order to cultivate.

I realized that only if we study the Fa well can we satisfactorily complete the three things Master has arranged. Righteous thoughts do not come from a strong determination alone. They are the natural results of solid Fa study and raising of cultivation levels.

First of all, we must have rock solid faith in Master and the Fa, and we must believe that we are true Dafa disciples of the Fa-rectification period. We must confidently walk on the right path. We cannot be nervous and suspicious about everything and doubt the effect of our truth clarification and sending righteous thoughts. We have to solidify our righteous thoughts. Since we are Dafa disciple of the Fa rectification period and our path is the most correct, our mission is the greatest. In addition, we should keep up the regular routine of sending righteous thoughts every day. We all have our jobs, and our lives and work consume lots of time. But no matter how busy we are, we must keep up sending righteous thoughts, and make sure we do it during the four designated times and any local relay routines. We should do our best to avoid skipping any time.

Master said in "My Thanks to Sentient Beings Who Have Sent Greetings;" "Dafa disciples are the sole hope of salvation for the beings in each region and each nation."

I have become more and more convinced of this righteous thought during the past few years. I have kept up my effort to distribute persecution explanatory materials to people far and near. I am the hope for all of my neighbors to receive salvation. One day a neighborhood administrator asked me, "Do you know that there are many Dafa flyers in our neighborhood?" I said, "Isn't that a good thing? What's wrong with letting everyone know the truth?" I went on to clarify the truth to her. Although she did not say much at the time, I could tell that she learned some facts about the persecution. In general, righteous thoughts can dissolve the whole persecution. Strong righteous thoughts can instantly eliminate any evil.

The above is my humble understanding. Please correct me if anything is inappropriate.