(Clearwisdom.net) At the beginning of May 2007, officers from the Jiawang Police Department and 610 Office in Jiangsu Province arrested Xuzhou practitioner Sun Jingfu and his wife, Gao Chuanyi, who worked in Urumchi in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region. They transported the couple to Jiawang, which is 2000 miles away from Urumchi. Now they are separately detained at Jiawang Detention Center and Xuzhou Feng County Detention Center. Chief of the Jiawang Police Department Xia Hui, Chief of the 610 Office Zhao Rujian, and Chief of the State Security Unit Hao Anxin are responsible for the arrests.

Mr. Sun Jingfu was an engineer at Xuzhou Mine Bureau Chemical Plant. He was a good person and worked hard. He was never enticed by money or power, and was praised for his personal integrity and technical expertise. Just because he insisted on cultivating Falun Dafa and went to Beijing to appeal, he was detained, monitored, sent to be brainwashed, and forced to become homeless. On February 10, 2001, Mr. Sun was arrested in Guangzhou, then detained at Xuzhou Jiawang Detention Center, where he was kept in shackles and handcuffs for ten days. After being detained for 567 days, he was sent to Hongzehu Jail in Jiangsu. During this time, Ms. Gao Chuanyin was sent to Zibo Wangcun Brainwashing Center for a month. In December 2000 she was taken to Chapeng Mental Hospital in Xuzhou and tortured for three months. Her junior high school-aged daughter was left on her own.

During this time, the leaders in Sun Jingfu's company, including Zhu Yanjie and Zhang Xiaomin (both now in jail for economic crimes), Wang Mingying, Zhao Renyi, and Wang Huaping (now deceased) all took part in the persecution of Sun Jingfu. Mr. Sun was released from jail on February 9, 2005, after being detained for four years. When he returned to the company to reclaim his job, he was surprised when the heads of the company told him that he had been dismissed the day he was sentenced!

In order to make a living and so that his daughter could continue to go to school (in China, schooling is not free), 43-year-old Sun Jingfu and his wife left their hometown in the autumn of 2005 and went to Urumchi in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region to work. Sun's technical skills and experience, plus his integrity and kindness, helped him quickly gain an important position, and the company promoted him to be the deputy manager. Mr. Sun was often required to to go abroad for different projects, so the company arranged for him to go back to his hometown in Jiangsu Province to apply for a passport. The Jiawang Police Department and 610 Office created difficulties for him because of his cultivation in Falun Gong. Sun went back and forth many times. Even though the company vouched for him, the police still refused to issue him a passport.

In order to cover the cost of Mr. Sun's arrest, officers from the Jiawang Police Department and 610 Office even went to his factory to ask for money, lying that they were arresting another Falun Dafa practitioner in the factory, Geng Huaipu, and that all costs should be paid by the factory.

When the couple was clarifying the truth about Falun Gong, the police arrested them again. Now they have been detained for four months. The daughter studying in Urumchi hopes her parents will soon return. She has no source of income for living expenses or study.

We hope righteous people inside and outside of China will help save Sun Jingfu and his wife and completely end the persecution of Falun Gong.

Xuzhou Mine Bureau Chemical Factory:

Secretary Li: 86-516-85335354 (Office)