Li Hongming of the National Security Brigade in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, Died in a Freak Accident

The National Security Brigade of the Langya District Branch Police Station in Chuzhou City is the main organization persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners in Chuzhou City. Former Commander Li Hongming of the National Security Brigade fervently persecuted practitioners. He died in a frightful calamity at the end of 2006. His sudden death frightened all the other persecutors. For some time, the post of commander at the National Security Brigade remained unfilled. It has now been confirmed that the new commander is Lu Xiaofeng. His cellphone number is 86-13805500818. Details about the new commander, Lu Xiaofeng, are yet to be known. Let's hope he will learn a lesson from his former commander, Li Hongming, and not become a pawn of the Chinese Communist Party's evil specter.

After 1999, ex-commander Li Hongming followed Jiang's regime and aggressively persecuted practitioners. He ransacked their homes, arrested them, confiscated their belongings, and threatened them. There are only a few hundred thousand people in this small city, but one practitioner has been illegally sentenced to four-years' imprisonment, three have been illegally sent to forced labor camps, and more than ten are being "illegally detained."

Li Hongming himself personally beat up elderly female practitioners in 2000. He ransacked practitioners' homes eight times during the span of only a few months. This resulted in a practitioner's 80-year-old mother's death from a heart attack due to the shock and fright of having her home invaded. One practitioner was sent to a forced labor camp and was very weak when he returned home, yet Li Hongming still took that practitioner into custody. When he was harassing a practitioner at his home, the practitioner clarified the truth to him and suggested he restrain himself. Not only did he not listen, he pounded his fist on the table and yelled, "Forever, it will be I who will dictate to you!"

At midday on November 11, 2006, Li Hongming was traveling in a minivan on personal business when he was involved in an extraordinary accident. A witness reported that there was a truck traveling in the opposite direction carrying sandy soil when one of the tires on the truck suddenly exploded not far from Li's minivan. As a result, the truck went out of control and collided with Li's minivan. There were two people in the minivan. Li Hongming was the driver and died on the spot. The other person in the back seat was severely injured. Li Hongming's skull was hit with such force that it shattered into pieces. Those who attended the funeral said that the funeral home used an artificial head to display the body.

Li Hongming died at the age of 40. His son was a high school student. In choosing to follow Jiang to persecute Falun Gong, he victimized others and himself.

Lu Fuxin of Xidayingzi Forced Labor Camp in Zhaoyang City, Liaoning Province, Diagnosed with Cancer and Dies a Painful Death in 36 Days

Li Fuxin would be 46 this year. From 1999 to 2004, Li Fuxin was the deputy commander of Xidayingzi Brigade, which was assigned the job of persecuting Falun Dafa in Caoyang City. In 2004, he became section chief in the security section of the the forced labor camp.

Li Fuxin hated Falun Dafa. He was the number two bully in persecuting Dafa practitioners at the camp. He plotted a lot of torture methods to be used against practitioners. He slandered quite a few practitioners who went on hunger strikes. He often slandered practitioners' parents and slandered Dafa for hours until his throat went dry. Li Fuxin put an iron helmet on practitioners who went on hunger strikes. Then, several police guards pushed the practitioners down on the ground and violently beat and shocked them with electric batons. Some guards thought Li Fuxin was too brutal and malicious, and tried to restrain him, but he still rushed over and continued his brutal beating. Practitioners from around the world "clarified the truth" to him many times using various means, and tried to save him. He just sneered and wouldn't listen.

Li Fuxin bought an expensive home two months ago and had just finished remodeling it. However, he didn't have the chance to enjoy it, because he quickly came down with liver cancer, lung cancer, lymphoma, and other diseases. The cancer cells spread all over his body like wildfire. The hospital in Beijing could not find the cancer's origin and told him, "Go home and prepare for your funeral." On August 30, 2007, Li Fuxin was suffering in an extremely painful and torturous manner before finally breathing his last breath. Before he died, he said, "Even my bones hurt." When he died, he was emaciated, reduced to skin and bone.

Due retribution crept up on him silently. This well recognized officer, who had been awarded "Most Healthy Man" by the labor camp, died in 36 days once he became sick.