(Clearwisdom.net) According to the Epoch Times, on October 11, local policemen in Fushun, Liaoning Province, China broke into Su Hongyu's house and searched it. Su Hongyu recently registered to compete in the International Chinese Vocal Competition held by NTDTV. To avoid the policemen, Su Hongyu left home before the search and has now become homeless. His 86-year-old grandmother was badly frightened. The policemen broke into his house on October 8. This was the third time in three days that the police tried to arrest Mr. Su.

At 6:00 a.m. on October 11, three policemen and a residential subdivision guard broke into Su Hongyu's house. Su's mother, Liu Zhujia, who lives in Germany, told the reporter from the Epoch Times in a phone interview: "They tried to arrest my son but failed. They made a big mess in his house and badly scared my mother. It is too much. What if my mother passed away [from fright]? My son just wanted to enter the vocal competition. Is there something wrong with that?"

Su Hongyu's uncle asked policemen for an explanation for their searching the house, but they didn't give any reason, nor did they show any legal documentation before searching the house.

On October 10, two policemen had gone to Mr. Su's house, and asked his grandmother where he went.

Su Hongyu is a professional singer. He and other two singers from Mainland China registered for the International Chinese Vocal Competition, which will be held on October 15 in New York, hosted by the NTDTV Station. On October 8, policemen in Fushun learned that Mr. Su and two others were going to enter the competition, so they went to their houses, trying to arrest them. Fortunately, none of them were home at the time.

Su Hongyu and another singer are forced into homelessness now. Ms. Zhao Man, one of the singers, is under surveillance. Her passport was taken away and she was ordered to check in to the police station every day. The policemen asked her where the other two competitors were, and told her that they would jail all three of them. The police claimed that they would place Mr. Su and the other singer on the "Wanted List" all over the country.

According to the NTDTV competition committee, NTDTV has already contacted the American Government, asking for help in rescuing these performers. NTDTV also called upon the American media to pay attention to this situation.

Hong Kaili, a spokeswoman for NTDTV, said, "The Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) behavior is shameless and irrational. As the host of the 2008 Olympics, the CCP claimed that the human rights situation in China has been improved. But from this incident, we see that it is actually getting worse. The whole world should pay attention to this."

Ms. Hong continued, "The vocal competition will promote Chinese traditional arts. Such a good thing is being interfered with in China. The CCP tried to interfere with the International Chinese Dance Competition [recently held by NTDTV], and ordered its own media to attack it. After all their tricks failed, they asked their policemen to keep artists from entering the competition."

Ms. Hong pointed out, "The CCP's evil and violent philosophy is against the real traditional Chinese culture. This is the fundamental reason that the CCP tries to use all means to interfere with the competition. When NTDTV actively promotes the traditional Chinese culture, the CCP's party culture is disintegrating, so they are fearful. All their tricks to interfere with NTDTV have failed, and have actually made NTDTV more well-known. This time, their harassment won't succeed either. Their harassment will help us to promote our competition. People will see that every interference from the CCP will only help to promote justice."