(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Shi Lei, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province has been tortured by the 610 Office for years. Mr. Shi was illegally sentenced to 11 years in prison by Wuhan City Middle Court in 2003, and sent to Wuhan City Qinduankou Prison where he was tortured.

In February 2007, afraid of being exposed, Hubei Province's 610 Office separated practitioners into two groups before sending them to Shayang County Prison as a way of preventing their crimes from being exposed. Again in February 2007, the Falun Dafa practitioners were separated into two groups and sent to Shayang County Fanjiatai Prison.

Under the command of police officers, prisoners took turns torturing Shi Lei. He was not allowed to associate with practitioners or relatives unless he succumbed to the police officers' orders. The packages sent by Mr. Shi's family were returned. Under prison orders, Shi was only allowed one hundred yuan a month for daily commodities. Prisoners were also ordered to turn the TV to the maximum volume in order to deprive Shi Lei of sleep. Despite Mr. Shi repeatedly clarifying the truth of the persecution to prisoners and guards, the tortures continue.

Shi Lei's parents visited him between July and September 2007 after more than four hours of walking and driving. However, the police refused their request to see their son. Shi Lei's parents are over sixty years old.

In August, Mr. Shi's relatives were again refused visitation. They went to the authorities of Shayang prison to ask the reason for the refusal. The head of the political department, Ma, said, "Shi is not wearing prison clothes, and does not have the prison haircut, so you cannot visit him." Shi's relatives asked: "Is it the prison law? If not, how could you administer the law? Why aren't the other prisoners wearing prison clothes? " He replied, "That is all. You can't visit him." Shi's relatives waited until eleven o'clock at night. The last-watch police officer said he would report their opinions to the authorities and sent them home.

Shen Jianjun told Shi's relatives while they were there, "Shi refuses to admit himself as a prisoner. The first clause of prison law is to plead guilty, therefore we can't administer by prison law in this case." Shi's relatives replied, "Shi is not a prisoner, you should free him." Shi's relatives discussed for hours with the authorities with no result. It was a Saturday when they went and the officials in charge were gone. When Mr. Shi's family members contacted the head of Fanjiatai Prison again, Tao, a police officer (badge number: 4204021) and acting appeals officer, said, "The head of the prison is very busy; he is on a business trip." Later, police officer Wu (badge number: 4204424) came and said "Shi violated the law in prison. You cannot visit him. If you don't agree, you can sue us." Wu placed a call to the fourth ward director, Xiao Tianbo. Shi's relatives demanded a meeting with Xiao face to face, but were refused.

The Falun Dafa practitioners in Shayang County, Faijiatai Prison were brutally tortured. Two practitioners were tortured to death in the first half of 2007.

Falun Dafa practitioners have been brutally beaten, tortured, deprived of sleep, and forced to perform labor. Shen Jianjun, the supervisor of the fourth ward, often tortured Shi and refused Shi's relatives permission to visit. Those who tortured Mr. Shi include Zu Yong, Yang Bisheng and others.

Qinduankou Prison: 86-27-84613611, 86-27-84613655
Head of Prison, Zhou Delin
Deputy Head of Prison, Kong Jinxi
Supervisor, Huang Jiangping
Political commissioner, Deng Kailiang

Fanjiatai Prison:
Head of prison, Feng Weiguo
Party deputy secretary, Liu Muyang
Leader of fourth ward, Shen Jianjun
Group leader of prison, Zhu Zhuanshu: 86-724-8555024
Supervisor: 86-724-8570006
Fourth ward office: 86-724-8570023, 86-724-8570071, 86-724-8570035
Supervisor of fourth ward, Xiao Tianpo: 86-13972881228(Cell)