(Clearwisdom.net) In 2006, Master told us in "Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles,"

"Also, as you know, I said something before: Whether it be the overall effect of the Gala, a song that is sung, or a music note that's played, all of these things that Dafa disciples do have the effect of validating the Fa in other dimensions. The energy emitted is quite strong, and it dissolves evil. Another thing is, the people of the future will follow what today's Dafa disciples do. Dafa disciples are taking the lead in leaving a certain culture for the future people, and they are cleansing out the vile party's culture, aren't they? That is why the vile CCP has been so sinister and tried to make trouble. The performances have the direct effect of validating the Fa and saving sentient beings. Their impact is thus quite significant, and their effects are quite good."

By studying the Fa I recognized the significance of the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular, and I made up my mind to do well in promoting the tickets. Once during a group Fa study in Chicago, the Spectacular team coordinator emphasized that Master cares for the Spectacular very much and provided guidance for every program. I realized the Spectacular itself is a huge activity in offering salvation to sentient beings. Master is rectifying the Fa through the Spectacular, so we as Dafa disciples should all assist Master in the Fa-rectification to offer people this precious opportunity for salvation. I knew I must do my best to promote the tickets for these reasons. After the Fa study, I took a number of 20% discount coupons and flyers for the Spectacular. The coupons were expiring by the end of the year, about a week from then. I knew it was urgent to distribute them; otherwise they would be wasted. I decided to distribute them in the subdivision where I lived. Prior to that, I had distributed Spectacular flyers in supermarket, parking lots and train stations, and also made phone calls promoting the tickets, yet I found many people did not know about the Spectacular. It was urgent to let everyone know; how could I do that? I decided to distribute the flyers to residential and office buildings.

Distributing Flyers in My Subdivision

December 25 is Christmas day, and the following day was a weekend. Most people would stay at home. I got up early in the morning to distribute flyers on this cold and windy winter morning. The wind blew away many of the flyers I left at the doors and mailboxes. I thought to myself that though it seemed to be an easy job to distribute the flyers, it was a crucial step for offering people salvation. Every flyer was made with the personal savings from our Dafa practitioners. I should not waste a single sheet. I thought of taping the flyers onto the doors. This way the wind would not blow them away, and people could easily see the flyers when they open the doors. I was happy to have thought of such a great idea and had the attachment of zealotry. On my way running back home to get the tape I fell suddenly and slid on the ground for several feet. My chin was swollen and my hands were bleeding. I was not afraid when I fell, and neither did I feel any pain. All I was thinking was that I had to get up quickly and get the tape. My family was not yet up. I was glad, because once they saw my injuries, they would not let me go out any more.

It was much faster to distribute flyers and fasten them with the tape. I sped up so that I could get home earlier, thinking my family might worry if they found out I was not at home. My mind was not calm at that moment and all of a sudden two big dogs ran toward me from the other side of the street, barking furiously. I was scared. Then I calmed down, thinking I was validating Dafa and offering people salvation: the evils should not interrupt me in this way. I waved to the dogs. They stopped in the middle of the road and went back. I continued until I finished distributing all the flyers.

On my way home I saw that many flyers were taken in. It was after 9:00 a.m. by the time I got home. The children were opening presents under the Christmas tree. I sat down and covered my injured hands with my sleeves. Yet my grandson saw my hands and asked, "Gandma, what happened to your hands?" My daughter came over and wanted to put medicine on my hands. I said, "Don't worry. It will be all right tomorrow." But my daughter insisted to wash my wounds and put medicine on them. The next morning, the part not covered with medicine totally recovered leaving no scar at all, but the part covered with medicine did not recover until days later and left some scars.

What happened that day made me realize the following:

A. When we validate the Dafa and offer people salvation, the evils are watching and taking every opportunity to interrupt. When our minds are not calm, and when we have omissions, the old forces will take advantage of us, such as making me fall or having the dogs run at me. When I recognized my problem and corrected it immediately, my righteous thoughts stopped the interferences, and I accomplished my mission smoothly.

B. Master said,

    "We have said that good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences." (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun, 2000 translation version)

When I fell I was thinking I am a Dafa practitioner and I must validate Dafa. I would not get hurt. As soon as I had that thought, the evil disappeared.

C. Since I had immediately adjusted my thoughts, Master protected me. I am in my seventies. Falling this hard and not getting hurt at all was a miracle! I would like here to express my gratitude to our Master.

Distributing Flyers at Government and Office Buildings

During the past years in distributing truth clarifying materials, I have such a feeling that it is difficult to distribute flyers to those in the white collar class in the US. They are always in a hurry and rarely pay attention to flyers, and some seem as Master said,

"If a Westerner says that Dafa or Dafa disciples are bad, then I think he must have listened to the CCP's propaganda. When he doesn't know what Dafa disciples are like, how could he say they're bad? He must have listened to the evil's slanderous propaganda, then. So you should explain things to him." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles")

After studying Master's teachings I realized I must distribute flyers to these people and let them learn more about Dafa and Dafa practitioners.

White collar workers all go to their jobs at companies or government organizations. If they would not accept flyers on the street, I would distribute the flyers to their offices. Yet, I worried whether it was proper to distribute flyers in offices. Would I interrupt their normal work? Should I get permissions ahead of time? If I entered their offices without permission, would that cause more negative impressions about Dafa? I worried a lot and had the attachment to fear. Soon I realized all these worries were unrighteous thoughts - no matter which social class a person is in, Dafa needs to save him. I am a Dafa practitioner walking on my path to becoming a higher being; offering people salvation is my responsibility.

I decided to distribute Spectacular flyers to office buildings. I do not know much English and cannot tell people details about the Spectacular. In order to distribute the flyers, I learned several simple sentences in English. When I was ready, I always sent righteous thoughts and asked Master to strengthen my courage before I entered the door. "I must let people learn the truth and have them accept the flyers." With this thought I walked into many government office buildings, senior apartment buildings, service centers, banks, law offices, libraries, train stations and many other places. I always told them first why I was there, told them about the Spectacular and showed them the flyers. To my surprise, people were open and happy to accept the flyers. Everyone in one large bank office accepted a flyer. A young lady nodded to me with a big smile and kept the flyer. Occasionally security would not let me into a building, but all of the security personnel accepted the flyers and promised to distribute them to the employees in the building.

Thinking back on my experiences of distributing flyers for the Spectacular, I understand it was Master who gave me the courage and confidence. Studying the Fa well helped me to correct my unrighteous thoughts and defeated all interference.