(Clearwisdom.net) I am a veteran practitioner, but with regard to sending righteous thoughts, I have not done well. I have cultivated amid the delusion of this world for nearly 10 years. Although I am unable to see any scenes in other dimensions, all my illnesses have disappeared. When I walk, I feel that my body is as light as wind and even men can't catch me. When I walk with my husband, I'm always ahead of him, and sometimes I have to stop and wait for him. In regards to my physical health, I look 10 years younger than him. When I have a good cultivation state, I feel that my physical strength is inexhaustible; even after a whole day's work, I don't get tired at all and sometimes I am very energetic like a child. I clearly know that this happens to me because I practice Falun Dafa. I have not taken sending forth righteous thoughts seriously, perhaps because I cannot see anything in other dimensions. However, I became more inspired about the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts through the following two incidents.

Let me start with my mother's illness this April. She was seriously ill. I knew it was a form of interference and persecution. My mother does not practice cultivation, but she believes in Falun Dafa. I felt terrible at that time and my righteous thoughts were very weak. I was disturbed by her sickness and could not eat or sleep well. I did not act like a cultivator and could not concentrate on my Fa study. My mind was engrossed with my mother's being sick. During that time, my family had sought a sham Qigong master to treat my mother but her illness only got worse. Being upset by the pain that my mother was suffering and forgetting how Master has talked about the principles of ordinary people, I had totally forgotten that I was a cultivator. Oftentimes, tears were like rain in my eyes. How attached I was to sentimentality!

One afternoon, my sister was looking for me. She told me that she had a weird dream the previous night. She dreamed that mother was missing. She tried to look for her and she bumped into a person. That person said, "How can you find her here? You have to go look for her over there."He pointed his finger at a cave. She followed his guidance and went into the cave. She found her mother there, tied up and looking very sad and pitiful. She tried to pull her out, but people standing there were laughing and said, "How can you pull her out with her hands and legs tied up?" My sister became very anxious and suddenly she pulled out a copy of Zhuan Falun and shouted, "I am a Dafa practitioner. Who dares to stop me?" Immediately, those people knelt down to the ground and begged for forgiveness. My mother was rescued.

After I heard her story, I felt as though hit by a heavy blow. Even a non-practitioner like my sister had such strong righteous thoughts, and yet, I, a so-called veteran practitioner... Well, two days later, I also had a very vivid dream. I dreamed about visiting my mother in her house and saw the image of an animal which was trying to run away, as it was especially afraid of me. I was immediately on guard and sat down on the floor to send forth righteous thoughts. I asked if it had been there for a long time. The animal immediately transformed into a human form, kneeling down on the floor and begging me to spare its life. It said it was most fearful of me. No one could drive it out but me. I immediately recited the Fa-rectification verses. It curled up, and soon disappeared. When I woke up, my whole body was soaked with sweat. I knew that it had not been a dream, as it was so vivid. At that time, I was very ashamed. Because of my lack of righteous thoughts, I had allowed the evil specter to sneak into my dimensional field. Now I understand why Master has stressed the importance of strengthening our righteous thoughts and maintaining a righteous field, because if our thoughts and fields are not righteous, we will bring harm to the people in our surroundings. I thought, "Master, your disciple has fallen too far from your expectations. I am determined to become your Dafa disciple with righteous faith in the Fa and you at all times."

This is just my personal understanding. Please compassionately point out anything incorrect.

(Note: My mother is in especially good health now.)