(Clearwisdom.net) A while ago, when I printed truth-clarification materials, the paper often got stuck or the printed characters were fuzzy. I was very frustrated and I didn't realize I should look inside on those issues. Later, fellow practitioners brought me new equipment. (Here, I'd like to say thank you for their selfless help.) Meanwhile, I tried to be more focused when studying the Fa and therefore my speed of memorizing the Fa became faster.

When I studied the Fa well, I was very efficient when making truth-clarification materials. The materials looked very neat. I enjoyed looking at those fliers that I made and I felt great about myself. I unintentionally developed the attachment of zealotry. In fact, at that time, I was memorizing the following paragraph in Chapter Six of Zhuan Falun:

"If you make Dafa secondary and your divine powers primary, or now that you're Enlightened you think that some understanding or other of yours is correct, or if you even think you're so great you've gone beyond Dafa, I'd say you've started to fall, and you're at risk, and you're getting worse and worse."

I asked myself, "Is this talking about me?" However, I didn't look inside in time nor did I remove those arrogant thoughts of mine. Eventually, the evil took advantage of me. On the surface, my computer started to have problems. Soon after I turned it on, the screen would turn black and I would have to reboot it. But soon the screen would go black again.

I talked to a fellow practitioner about my computer problems. She said I should send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. Therefore, I sent forth righteous thoughts a few times and the issue was resolved! I didn't learn a lesson from this experience. Instead, I developed more zealotry and the attachment of showing off. I thought I was great and that I had great divine powers. My family supported my doing Dafa work. I said to them, "See? I fixed the computer by sending forth righteous thoughts." I also proudly told fellow practitioners about this. Of course, I feel pretty embarrassed now by my words and attachments at that time.

Cultivation is serious! My bloated attachment of showing off called in the evil, again. The computer screen turned black again, this time right after it rebooted. I tried it many times, but the computer didn't work at all. I then sent forth righteous thoughts but it didn't work either. I was very anxious. I came to realize that it happened due to my attachment of showing off. Actually, every time that I felt great about the materials that I made, the above paragraph from Zhuan Falun would be reflected to my mind. However, I ignored it.

I saw my attachments. I quickly ran to Teacher's picture with my hands in the heshi position. I said to Teacher, "Teacher, I know my mistakes now. I see the attachments that I should get rid of. I will never make this mistake again. Please strengthen me to eliminate the evil. I can't cause delay for fellow practitioners to read the "Minghui Weekly" because of my own faults." After that, I went back to the computer and turned it on. Everything worked. I was in tears, "Teacher, I wasn't good enough. Thank you, Teacher. From now on, I will keep righteous thoughts and righteous actions. I won't let Teacher worry for me again."

From this experience, I came to realize how serious cultivation is. We are not truly cultivating ourselves if we don't rectify our every thought or if we don't use the Fa to guide us. Also, I came to know that we need to handle everything with righteous thoughts. Even though we have omissions in our cultivation, we are able to rectify them with the guidance of the Fa. We should never allow the old forces to use our omissions as an excuse to persecute us. Teacher doesn't acknowledge the existence of the old forces, let alone their "arrangements." We should not recognize the old forces either.

No matter what we do, there is nothing for us to show off about, since we are simply fulfilling our responsibilities. We only put our hearts into the work that we do. It is Teacher who actually makes things happen.

This is the final stage of Fa-rectification. Let's remove our attachments, one by one. There is nothing to be afraid of, since we have our benevolent Teacher with us and Teacher is protecting us all along.