(Clearwisdom.net) On August 16, 2007 in the city of Dehui, Falun Dafa practitioner Shen Zhaohui's daughter found a cluster of small white flowers on the blue mailbox outside her house. There were a total of nineteen flowers. The silky thin stems were about one centimeter long with a resilient texture. After the stem is pressed together and released, it will return to its original position. The bud of the Udumbara flower is similar to rice flowers - small, white, puffy, fine and beautiful. After the news about the Udumbara flowers spread, neighbors and fellow practitioners came to see them in succession. One person took a picture of these rare flowers.

These are the Udumbara flowers that blossom every three thousand years. The Buddha scripture records that when the Udumbara flowers blossom, it indicates that the Emperor Zhuanlun (He Who Turns the Wheel) has arrived in the human world to spread the Fa and save people. This is a heavenly secret. When the Emperor Zhuanlun is spreading Dafa (the Great Law) in the human world, the pure Udumbara flowers will open in the world. Think about it, how fortunate it is to live in this period and get saved by a true Buddha!

However, it is unfortunate that Shen Zhaohui and his family suffered persecution after the discovery of the flowers. The appearance of the heavenly flowers scared the Chinese Communist regime. Two police officers from Guangming Police Station broke into the home of Shen Zhaohui when no one was at home. They climbed over the wall and broke in to search the house. They took away Teacher's picture, a recorder and Falun Dafa books. They also took away the mailbox with the Udumbara flowers. They took away Shen Zhaohui who is now illegally detained in the Dehui Detention Center. His daughter can only rely on relatives to provide some necessities to him.

What is wrong with a mailbox with heavenly flowers? This one was actually confiscated! How can it be possible that a small cluster of white flowers terrified the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to such an extent that they broke into a house and ransacked and abducted people. Where are the so-called human rights that the CCP talks about? Is this really the so-called best period of human rights in China?

Recently, Udumbara flowers started blossoming in various districts in succession, from temples to the homes of common people in China. This has made people feel the compassion of Buddha. The atheists should contemplate this.

Each event in the world corresponds to celestial phenomena and is a reflection of changes in the celestial phenomena. Faced with the current manifestations of the celestial phenomena, why don't the people of the word think about the reason? Why are the Falun Dafa disciples risking their lives to clarify the truth? After decades of atheistic brainwashing, many people do not believe the heavenly principle of good rewarding good and bad bringing retribution. There is a saying: "Plant melon seeds, get melons, plant bean seeds, get beans." Therefore, the seeds of "benevolence" will bring good fruit, and the seeds "vice" will bring bad fruit. Although in society, there is often the situation that good people suffer and bad people seem to not receive retribution, that is merely a part of the process, only midway in the cycle of cause and effect. There is not always an immediate result, but everyone will get whatever they deserve no matter whether you believe it or not. No matter one's status, nor the extent of one's wealth, reward or retribution is accurate and fair to everyone.

Although history cannot be changed, there is still a chance for people to choose their future. If a person chooses compassion, his future will be filled with brightness. If he opposes the universal principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" and continues to persecute good people, he will be unable to select a good future for himself and lose the eternity of life!

Be kind to the Falun Dafa practitioners who clarify the truth to you. Use your good nature and benevolent thoughts to make the right choice.