(Clearwisdom.net) After reading Teacher's message "To the Australia Fa Conference," I have a new understanding about reading the Fa and memorizing the Fa. Many questions arising from my personal experience of reading the Fa and memorizing the Fa have now been answered.

I have read several articles written by practitioners about memorizing the Fa. In early 2006, I managed to memorize Zhuan Falun twice, within a period of six months. At the time, I felt that the process of memorizing the Fa enabled me to know the Fa better and consolidate my understanding more than would just reading the Fa. Now, I have another view: The difference in result is not in the two methods, but is rather due to the degree of attentiveness. No matter how attractive a method may be, we must not become attached to our preferences.

If one is not attentive, one still cannot recite a passage committed to memory. I remember that when I first started to memorize Zhuan Falun, I had a strong feeling that I was not achieving much from general reading of the Fa. So, in order to understand the Fa better, I started memorizing Zhuan Falun for the second time. I even felt that it was the only way to study the Fa properly. Actually, the problem was my lack of attention during Fa study, and I was seeking external means. As a result, I ended up with another attachment - clinging to my notion. The proper way to study the Fa is to be attentive. Regardless of whether one chooses to memorize or read the Fa during Fa study one will still meet the requirement Teacher stipulated.

Master said:

"Don't just go through the motions when you study the Fa. You should study with a concentrated mind, and you must really be studying." ("To the Australia Fa Conference")

I realize that I often went through the motions when studying the Fa, lost concentration, and could not pay full attention to what I read. The answer is now obvious. It was me, not the method that I mentioned earlier. It was my incorrect notion which made me behave like an athlete who tries to achieve top performance by continually forcing his body to the peak.

When one reads Zhuan Falun with a restful mind, the result will be good. Isn't it true that in all these past years and for most of the time, we get a feeling that every cell in us vibrates during Fa study? Therefore, the root of the issue is in our mind.

Memorizing the Fa is not equivalent to knowing the Fa. Similarly, putting a lot of time into Fa study does not necessarily mean one knows the Fa well. How well we know the Fa depends on our in-depth understanding of the meaning, and whether we can constantly use the Fa to guide our speech and actions.

Some practitioners who had turned away from the correct path after being brainwashed at forced labor camps also memorized the Fa very well. However, they had a strong "showoff" attitude. They wanted to prove that they were worthy of being group leaders, and so on. That was a strong attachment - trying to validate themselves. Although some of those people could quote word for word from Zhuan Falun, they did not actually study the Fa, and could not be said to know the Fa well. When they turned away to the wrong path, again they used their quoting skills to twist the facts, and mislead other practitioners into doing wrong things.

Therefore, whether or not one can memorize the Fa, has a whole day to read the book, or has copied the text many times, none of this indicates how well one knows the Fa, or one's level of cultivation. There are many students who cannot recite the Fa, but study the Fa diligently. They do not show off, or seek to validate themselves in any way. Therefore, under the circumstance of "not purposely pursuing," they continually upgrade their understanding of Dafa, and use it to guide themselves. Upon encountering problems, they can use their wisdom to overcome the hurdles. These people don't go to extremes, and are not attached to things. Of course, for them, if they could memorize the Fa, it would be even better.

I hope that all fellow practitioners will strengthen their willpower, and fulfill Teacher's requirement regarding Fa study, which is also what demons are most afraid of. Only the righteous thoughts cultivated from the powerful Fa can thoroughly eliminate the demons.