(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Liu Renzhong. I am a Dafa disciple in Suining City, Sichuan Province. The police illegally arrested me when I was clarifying the truth. I was illegally sentenced to one year of labor "re-education." Though I refused to sign the documents, I was still taken to the Xinhui Labor "Re-education" Camp in Sichuan Province. I suffered inhuman persecution in the 2nd Team, 6th Division in that camp. This is the team established solely for persecuting Dafa disciples.

Wardens Zhang Xiaogang, You Nin, Shen Rui, Yang Jing, and another person by the name of Wang are responsible for persecuting Dafa disciples. They instigate and reward criminal inmates to be "designated personnel" who closely monitor every Dafa disciple. If a designated personnel successfully "transforms" a Dafa disciple, he will earn a good mark and have his sentence reduced by 10 days. To force me to write the Three Statements, the wardens assigned daily tasks to designated personnel and urged them to beat me, deny me use of the toilet, force me to sit on a small bench for long periods of time, stand in military posture, and squat for long periods of time. They instigated inmate Jia Jianhui to strike my head and face with shoes until my face became very swollen and distorted. The wardens also instigated inmate Jiang Zhongen to not let me sleep. The torture often lasted until 3 o'clock in the morning. Many times the persecutors beat me all night long. In the coldest month, the wardens instigated inmate Wei Wei and others to strip off my clothes and pour cold water all over me. On other occasions, these persecutors poured cold water on the top of my head to drench my clothes, after which they would not let me change. It took several days for my clothes to dry.

There was not a day that I would be free from torture. The inmates assaulted all parts of my body. I remember the day when the wardens told inmates Yu Haiyang, Mu Jianlin, Zhang Xiaojian, Jiang Maogang, and another person by the name Gao to fiercely beat and kick me. My legs became very swollen, and both of my feet were fractured. As I couldn't walk any more, the designated personnel had to carry me to the place to have my daily feeding. There were many designated personnel assigned to me. Relatives and other Dafa disciples could not visit me. Because I closed my eyes to not watch the brainwashing programs, they struck me on the eyes until my eyeballs were swollen and bloodied. They also twisted my hands and lifted up my fingers until my joints popped; the pain was unbearable. Because I shouted for Master's help, the persecutors pinned me to the ground, covered my mouth, and beat me until I lost

After many days and nights of beating, long-term sleep deprivation, and many other physical and mental tortures, my mind was no longer clear. I couldn't recognize people, and I had nearly gone insane. My body broke down. In my faint consciousness, I signed the "Three Statements" against my will. No practitioner persecuted in the labor camp would voluntarily renounce Dafa; they were forced to go against their will by brutal physical and mental tortures. Some of them were tortured again even after giving in. Fellow practitioner Mo Mingxue said "Happy Birthday to Master" on May 13. He was dragged out to endure electric baton beating; he limped for quite a long time after that torture. On October 2, fellow practitioner Xu Hongyu suffered electric baton shocks and severe beating just because he said, "Falun Dafa is good." He was so disfigured by the beating that it broke my heart just to look at him. Torture maimed many other practitioners. The evil has devised a new torture method: newly arrived practitioners are isolated to prevent anyone from seeing them. They are tortured in locked cells day and night. The cell windows are covered with paper.

Fellow practitioners, please send righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil that persecutes Dafa disciples in the Xinhua Labor "Re-education" Camp.