(Clearwisdom.net) After reading the report in last week's edition of "Minghui Weekly" about some pratitioners persevering in going near the evil's dens (labor camps, prisons, detention centers, brainwashing centers and concentration centers) to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity, I have found my own deficiencies in seeking comfort and ease, and I worry about wasting time. This afternoon, several practitioners who live close to each other went to one of the evil's dens to send forth righteous thoughts. I would like to summarize the strong feelings I experienced in hopes that practitioners with permanent jobs or limited time might also be compelled to step forward and send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to the evil's dens.

I obtained the Fa in late 1996. Although my Celestial Eye is not opened, if there is evil nearby, as soon as my intention goes out, I feel my energy continuously flowing out. If the environment is rather clear and clean, I do not sense anything. This afternoon, when we were sending forth righteous thoughts near the evil's den, my energy kept going forth and remained very strong. It did not stop for an entire hour, until it was time to leave. I have realized that my righteous thoughts are much stronger when I'm sending righteous thoughts in close proximity than when I am at home.

Let's engage in genuine practice and strive diligently forward at this final period of Fa-rectification, and go to where the evil's dens are located to send forth powerful righteous thoughts. Let's eliminate our attachment to comfort and ease, seize each moment, do what Teacher says, completely disintegrate the evil, completely end the persecution, and save more of the world's people during this limited time.

This is my personal understanding and please kindly point out any deficiencies. My deepest respect goes to our Teacher.