(Clearwisdom.net) The notorious Women's Forced Labor Camp in Shanxi Province is located in the north suburban area of Xian City. Practitioners from all over the province have been brutally persecuted since the first practitioner was illegally detained there over seven years ago, in October 1999. Director Zhang Zhuoqin, Prosecutor Secretary Zhao Xiaoyang and Education Counseler Li Zhen have expended great effort in directing evil guards to follow the gang of Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan (Communist Party National leaders) in using the evil tools learned from Masanjia Forced Labor Camp to torture practitioners.

The first floor of the North Building of the Women's Forced Labor Camp in Shanxi Province is the so-called "Education Team," which is the dark room used to transform practitioners. The second floor is the second team, and the third floor is the third team. These two teams mainly focus on forced labor. People have to work from 7:30 a.m. till 2 a.m. or 3 a.m.. Extending the forced labor to finish tasks is the main torture tool.

To reach the goal of "transforming" practitioners, under orders from Zhang Zhuqing and Zhao Xiaoyang, the education team, led by Li Zhen, apply all kinds of torture, threats and beating. They also feign kindness and deceive practitioners. Practitioner Ms. Xu Mingxia refused to be "transformed." She was cuffed in the hallway for 59 days during the cold winter.

Practitioner Ms. Zhang Xiuying, in her 60's, refused to hand copy the so-called "regulations." Li Zhen hit her on her mouth with his fist. Her mouth was swollen for a long time. Later, both of her wrists were cuffed in the hallway and she was forbidden to use the bathroom.

Practitioner Zhou Yating, from Hu County, refused to be "transformed." Evil guards Li Zhen and Bai Xiao called her into the office and pinched her face, shoulders and back with 2.5 inch needles, which were used to sew mats. After the wounds healed, there were many round spots. Drug addict Zhang Fan, from Yulin, took a leather belt and tightened it around Zhou Yating's neck while she was sound sleeping. Zhou awakened and shouted for help, which saved her life. It is very common to be beaten or cursed daily. When Ms. Zhou Yating held a hunger strike to protest, she was violently force-fed multiple times.

Practitioner Yu Qinzhen, from Zhousi, is in her 60's. She refused to be "transformed," thus she was locked up. She was not allowed to wash or go to the bathroom. After a long time, her hair stuck together onto her bed sheets and her clothes started to smell. She refused to have her picture taken. The drug addicts pulled her hair and pushed her down with force. Anyone could beat or curse her.

Practitioner Fan Shuilain from Fufeng was determined to resist "transformation" based on her solid faith in Dafa. Evil guards specified that those who were to be "transformed" be given a white drug powder, which was added into their meal bowls. After eating lots of white powder, one will become depressed.

Practitioner Ms. Liu Jin, from Xian, used to be a College English teacher. She was determined in cultivation and righteously criticized the so-called "transformation." She was violently beaten. At the beginning, she was beaten after lunch. Later, they beat her violently, bruising her all over her body. After these attacks, they did not allow her to sit. They punished her by forcing her to stand, beating and cursing her at will.

Practitioner Wang Xinlian, from Hanzhong, is in her 60's. Evil guards always wanted to "transform" her. Team leader Wang Li forced her to read books attacking Dafa. She refused, and wrote "Falun Dafa is good!" on the front page of the book. She was cuffed to the leg of a bed for 7 days. She was not allowed to use the bathroom or sit on any benches.

Practitioner Ms. Luo Changyun, from Ankang, is a high school English Teacher. In November 2005, Li Zhen tried to "transform" her with force. When an inspection group from outside the labor camp stopped by, Ms. Luo shouted "Excuse me!" and passed from a window the appeal letter she wrote. Guard Li Zhen was outraged and insisted in "transforming" her. They asked her husband and older sister to come from Ankang. Once they met, they brought out divorce papers and gave Ms. Luo an ultimatum between "transforming" or getting divorced. She was very determined that she would cultivate Dafa under any circumstance and refused to be "transformed." There was nothing Li Zhen could do.

On February 12, 2004, the labor camp transfered all practitioners who refused to be "transformed" into single rooms on the second floor of the South Building, and tried to forcibly "transform" them. After more than 10 days, and trying all kinds of approaches, they still could not shake the faith of practitioners. They locked up practitioner Wei Xinrong, in her 30's, a former official of Mian County Food Department, downstairs for more than one month. No matter how they threatened or forced her, Wei refused to be "transformed." Finally, the labor camp sent two guards, together with the team leader Liu Sijia. They sent Wei Xinrong to Dayanta Mental Hospital and gave her an injection of unknown drugs. Afterwards, for several days, she became numb and sleepy.

Ms. Wei Xinrong was tortured until she was only skin and bones and she could not walk evenly. She was still forced to do lots of work. Even drug addicts said that she looked like a different person from when she first came.

Related telephone numbers:

Second Team of Women's Forced Labor Camp in Shanxi Province: 02986227764
Third Team of Women's Forced Labor Camp in Shanxi Province: 02986227767

December 26, 2006.