On May 7, 1993, our great Teacher paid a visit to Linqing City, Shandong Province. Sparing no effort to save sentient beings, he gave a series of ten-day lectures on Falun Gong in Linqing City. More than ten years have since passed, but the lofty image of Teacher, soft-spoken and ever smiling, remains in my mind, ever inspiring me to walk firmly the path of returning to my true self.

We saw Teacher for the first time in a park. Teacher was dressed neatly in a dark blue suit, with a white shirt and black leather shoes. He looked very young, less than 30. Myself and a relative drew about two meters away from him when he smiled warmly to us. A relative of mine asked Teacher to cure his disease, and Teacher agreed. Teacher was so kind and approachable that after spending a long time with him we still did not want to leave. Later, I heard from a fellow practitioner that Teacher had selected for us a place in the park as a practice site, and had purified that area with his supernormal abilities.

During the Fa lectures given by Teacher in Linqing City, there was a lot of interference. I still remember that some music suddenly started playing from the speakers when Teacher was giving a lecture. He said, "They just do not want you to listen to the Fa." Then he put down the microphone and started to give the lecture directly. He asked us in all directions, "Can you hear me clearly?" He did not continue with the lecture until all of us answered: "Yes, we can!" He was always smiling warmly and was considerate of us all the time. After all the lectures were over, Teacher bought a big tape player with his own money and gave it to the practitioners of Linqing City to use at the practice site.

Teacher purified our bodies while giving the Fa lectures. A practitioner had been saving money for a long time to have an operation for her breast cancer before she came to the Fa lectures. But after she heard that there was a Falun Gong lecture in Linqing City, she chose to attend the lecture instead of going to the hospital. After she attended the lectures, she found to her amazement that the cancerous tumor in her breast was gone. She has been symptom-free ever since. When the lectures were over, she shared her understandings, but she was so excited that she could hardly speak and could not help shedding tears of gratitude to Teacher.

I had also been in bad physical condition. I had suffered from insomnia, irregular heart beat, three uterine tumors and spurs in the heels. My heels gave me so much pain that I did not dare let my feet touch the ground when I got up. I also suffered from another disability that I had developed after childbirth, which prevented me from lifting my arms. My leg also gave me constant pain, and I sometimes had high fever and had to stay in bed for days on end. Life was very hard for me at that time. After I attended Teacher's 10-day lecture series, all these diseases were gone, and I began to enjoy a sense of comfort that I had not felt before. During the lectures, before Teacher started to purify our bodies, Teacher asked us to think about the illnesses that we had or, if we were not ill ourselves, to think about our relatives or friends who were ill. At the time I even forgot that I was a seriously ill person.

Above all, ever since that lecture I started to understand that the genuine purpose of human life is to return to our true selves. My understandings about the world and my life were so completely revolutionized that I felt that I had turned into a new person both physically and mentally.

I remember Teacher said that we were extremely fortunate to attend the lectures, and that we were awarded such a precious opportunity because of the mighty virtue of our ancestors. He asked us to cherish such an opportunity. At that time, however, I failed to understand the profound meaning of Teacher's words and the great blessing the gods had given us. Now I have come to realize that nothing can be compared to the fortune that Dafa brings to us. On the night when all the lectures had ended, Teacher stood at the side of the lecture table and watched us all leave the lecture hall. We fixed our eyes upon Teacher and were reluctant to depart.

How time flies! More than a decade has passed! Whenever I recall the time of Teacher's visit to Linqing City I always feel overwhelmed. Teacher, Dafa practitioners from Linqing City miss you dearly.

Amidst the hardships of the past ten plus years, Teacher has taken care of me at every moment. Following Teacher closely, I have walked the path of my cultivation to this day. When the slander and lies of the Communist regime were cast upon Dafa and Teacher, I knew very well that they were not true. On the contrary, they allowed me to ever more clearly distinguish good from evil. Our Teacher is the greatest, the most compassionate and the most righteous. I will continue to do well the three things and never let Teacher down. I will do my best, so that Teacher may rest assured and be pleased.