(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners have walked through these seven years of bloody persecution. In our attempt to counter the persecution, many practitioners have been severely tortured. So far the evil has been greatly eliminated and only a little is left, but in some places the evil still persecutes Dafa and Dafa practitioners at will. The persecutors clearly know what kind of people Dafa practitioners are. They are clearer on this than other people, but they still intentionally commit crimes, and deliberately destroy and murder practitioners.

We practitioners must clearly realize that when the evil persecutes us, it is not only the question of whether we can bear the persecution, but rather, it's about the evilness of the persecution having a bad effect. It will harm sentient beings and have a bad influence on them, making them unable to come to learn Dafa and be saved. This is a serious crime. This is not a simple question of persecuting individual practitioners, so we must look at this issue from the perspective of the Fa and from the angle of sentient beings. For those who still unscrupulously persecute Dafa practitioners, we should use the divine powers our Teacher gives us and allow retribution to come to them immediately. The world's people can then see the horrible result of persecuting Dafa practitioners and thus they can be saved. At the same time it will arouse the awareness of people to respect Dafa and Dafa practitioners.

One practitioner told me that someone in her village bullied her several times for being a Dafa practitioner. She said that her heart was not moved. Later she realized that this was not good for that person who had ill thought towards Dafa practitioners. As a result the person's house was burglarized every time he was disrespectful to Dafa practitioners. The practitioner said that he recieved instant retribution.

My understanding is that though he received immediate retribution, we didn't achieve the result we expected, which is to let him know he will be punished if he doesn't respect Dafa practitioners. There was an article in Minghui Weekly in 2005 about an elderly practitioner. The story was as follows. When he was clarifying the truth on the street, two policemen discovered him. One of them shocked him with an electric baton, but he was not scared. Instead he said, "Let the policeman be shocked with the electric baton." As soon as he said this, the policeman fell onto the ground.

A misunderstanding among our Dafa practitioners is that we tend to think that as long as the evil persecutes us they will receive retribution, but that the time for retribution has not come yet. Then when will they be punished? Isn't it the time for retribution when they are persecuting us? Teacher lectured on the Fa about breaking heavenly laws and the effect that it brought about. And Teacher also said that "as long as that wicked person keeps being violent, keep sending righteous thoughts" and how to turn the tables on the evildoers". Isn't it the case that we are giving the evil excuses to persecute us when we think the time hasn't come yet for retribution, or when we are scared? We should clearly understand that whoever persecutes Dafa will have immediate retribution and that the extent of the retribution depends on how severe the persecution is. Instant retribution can suffocate evil, giving evildoers warning, and therefore allow them to give up their evil deeds and thoughts.

As Fa rectification quickly progresses, the urgency to save sentient beings is at the maximum. We should put our time and energy on saving sentient beings instead of spending our time on bearing evil persecution. If the evil dares to continue committing crimes, let them know the result of breaking heavenly laws.When I send righteous thoughts, I add one thought; let all the pain and suffering that Dafa practitioners have be transferred to the evildoers and that all the mental harm done to Dafa practitioners be transferred to the minds of the perpetrators from all levels of government organizations.

Let the evildoers have instant retribution. Let our righteous thoughts show their divine power and let the world's people learn the dignity and wonderfulness of Dafa.