(Clearwisdom.net) I am nine years old this year. I just obtained the Fa a few months ago. In the past few months, both my body and mind have undergone distinctive changes. I know that this is all thanks to Teacher's benevolence.

I was a healthy and active child. But on June 5, 2005, I suddenly developed a high fever and all my joints were sore and swollen. I was taken to the provincial hospital and diagnosed with rheumatic arthritis, a tough disease that medical science still cannot cure. After staying in the hospital for over a month, I visited a specialist twice a week. In spite of following all of the doctor's orders and taking all of the necessary medications, my condition gradually and steadily worsened. I needed help to use the restroom and to walk to school.

In March 2006, an elderly woman who was a Falun Gong practitioner came to my home and introduced Falun Gong to us. She gave us a copy of Zhuan Falun. Having listened to much to the CCP's propaganda, our knowledge of Dafa was based on the slander, so at first we were not very enthusiastic. We only felt that this nice old woman must be a trustworthy person. Mother began reading the book to get some idea about Falun Gong, but we did not appreciate it. Now we are truly regretful that we were so ignorant at that time. We are in debt to Dafa and the old woman. But she was not affected by our lack of enthusiasm. She just kept urging us to read the book more often.

Gradually, through reading the book, we actually experienced some reactions just as she had told us that we would. One time in doing the second exercise--Holding the Law Wheel--my mother truly felt the turning of the wheel. From then on we began to believe in Dafa, but we were still not diligent. We did not appreciate this wonderful opportunity. Fortunately, Teacher did not leave us behind. Rather, he let us feel his enormous benevolence.

In May 2006, an aunt came to our home to teach us Falun Gong. (She insisted on paying for her meals and stayed in our house for a half month.) With Teacher's care and Aunt's patience in helping us, both Mother and I strengthened our belief in Dafa. We did nothing but doing the exercises and reading Dafa day in and day out. At that time, all my joints swelled and were sore, and I was extremely weak. With the slightest movement I would feel excruciating pain. I sweat constantly and needed to change clothes several times a day. In spite of all this, I clenched my teeth and did the exercises one step a time. When performing the second exercise, I often needed Mother to hold me and support my arms. In doing the fourth exercise, the Falun Heavenly Circuit, I had to endure great pain to bend down and come up. Mother and I worked hard to overcome all the difficulties.

Just when we were wholeheartedly working on Fa study and the exercises, troubles began. First my father's family members began to vehemently oppose our practice. Then they contacted all of my mother's family members and relatives. Both sides of my family joined forces to oppose our practice and insisted that I be taken to the hospital. Grandma even threatened to call the police to take my mother away.

Mother and I told them the facts about Falun Gong, but they were scared and deceived by the lies and slanders they had heard and seen in the CCP controlled media. They were concerned about their families. After we told them the facts, they felt better.

Day by day, I gradually recovered. Grandpa and Grandma turned from being worried to being happy. Grandma volunteered to help Mom with some housework so that she had more time to do the exercises with me. Through Fa study, we tried our best to follow Teacher's requirements. Neighbors, relatives, my parents' colleagues, and many kind people tried to give us both tangible and intangible assistance. We thanked them all but did not accept their offers. We understand better and better that the only things that we need to concentrate on are to cultivate ourselves to become extraordinarily good people and to cultivate the nature of the cosmos: "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance." If one can do this, then no illness is too hard to cure.

Now I have returned to school. I know that I was able to recover due to Teacher's immense benevolence and the immeasurable power of Dafa. Grandma and Grandpa both said: "If we had not witnessed your transformation, we would not have been able to believe the wonder of Dafa. We had the Cultural Revolution in our times, and the student demonstrations in the 80s. Today they are oppressing Falun Gong. Falun Gong is everything that a society needs, but the CCP cannot tell right from wrong or good from bad. They are just crazy."

Some other relatives of ours wanted to learn Dafa, too. Some asked us for Dafa amulets. They recited, "Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance are good" every day. Because they noticed that people were resigning from the CCP and its associated organizations, each of them also quit the CCP.

The above were my personal experiences over the past few months since I learned Dafa. My whole family witnessed it all. Falun Dafa is such a good cultivation method. People are being imprisoned and persecuted to death because they are trying to tell others the facts of Dafa. I hope the good people in the world will extend their support to help us. Please work together to make justice prevail and enable freedom of belief in China. We urge the righteous people of the world to help stop the persecution of Falun Gong.